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Saturday, February 16, 2008

Billboard Proposal

You guys must have read this:

Billboard proposal: Ad man David Tan came up with a unique marriage proposal. He spent RM40,000 on a billboard and RM14,000 on a diamond ring to pop the question to his girlfriend Kelly Tan on Valentine’s Day. – KAMARUL ARIFFIN / The Star

Now, what else is there left for the other guys to do to impress their girlfriends? How can you top this? The amount of money that guy spent is equivalent to what most people earn in a year.

He has changed the status quo. He has just upped the price for a proposal in the matrimonial market.

Previously, a girl would go crazy when a guy gives a one carat diamond ring. Now, because of Mr. Ad man, you'll probably hear something like this from your girlfriend, "But Kelly Tan Ee Li got a RM14K diamond ring AND A RM40K BILLBOARD!"

Now, for the guys, please tell me this. When you look back at the photo again, do you feel like "Awww, shucks! How sweet!" or do you feel like giving him a good slap?

Heheh, nolah. Of course we're happy for them both. But this is called spoiling the market. To top this now, other guys would have to propose with their own TV commercials.


Gabrielle Lim & Tan Peng Hee said...

If Im tht gal, I wud think "wht a waste of money! Cant u get me a car instead?" I guess Im too practical to appreciate somthing like this.

WoMbOk™♂ said...

Spoiling the market indeed~ lol.

Advertisers in Msia must be rejoicing.

Greg Wee said...

It's always a constant worry for boyfriends & husbands alike whenever a proposal, or anniversary or valentine's day approaches. We always have to think of something new to outdo ourselves every time. We hope & pray never to run out of ideas. I think we need a support group. Heheheh

-popjammerz- said...


SUPPORT GROUP!!!! haahaha...i can't stop laughing...forgive me...

aiyor..beh group..hahaha.. i didn't know there's a word "matrimonial market" wow!

well, i don't want such proposal...even if he's a very rich guy, i don't think it's romantic. :)

Greg Wee said...

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BeeNa BeRRy said...

personally, as 'wow' as it is, i feel it's a complete waste of money.

romantic? er...not really. wouldn't being whisked off to some faraway place be more romantic? think of the holiday RM40K could have bought you!!!

some people really have too much money, and dunno what to do with it.

Anonymous said...

Previously, I also think that this is damn romantic. But do u guys know that actually his father is doing the billboard business??? haha.... Maybe he can have FOC for the billboard charges... do u think his father will ask him to pay for it?? Do u still think it is romantic?? Gals, please open up the eyes and look clearly!!!

This is what i heard from a friend who working in the Advertising field. This is a good point to support you guys. hahahah

Anonymous said...

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