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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

The Elections: Drama Minggu Ini

So let's see what's been happening this week. The national election campaign has kick-started & is going on at full blast. What Malaysians enjoy the most at a time like this are the endless kopitiam talks, election rumours, speculation, theories & conspiracies surrounding the elections & the candidates themselves.

Before I go on, let me make a few things clear here. This blog entry is purely kopitiam talk. There is no evidence whatsoever supporting what I'll be writing here. It's pure speculation without proof, based on hearsay & the general popular belief among the public. The logical argument here is that if we are free to talk about all this in a public place like the kopitiam, then it should logically be alright to discuss this on a blog. After all, it's just hearsay. Right?

With that Ladies & Gentlemen, let's start the show, for it has already started.

Yesterday Badawi has finally came out of hiding from his coconut shell to say this:
No empty promises: PM ‘BN’s pledges are realistic; we make promises with the commitment to implement them’ (Borneo Post)

Right. I can still remember when he said he'd get rid of corruption & introduce transparency.

We have much to learn from that. For ekjample - The Boy Who Cried Wolf. Ring a bell? Once Bitten Twice Shy. Get it yet?

Even a child would know better not to be lied to twice. Either our dear PM's just plain ignorant that people will actually believe him again, or he has really thick skin on his face, or he's just simply right about the people.

Back in Sarawak, the drama has also begun! Yong Khoon Seng pleads with tears for an SUPP win.
All those years of watching Drama Minggu Ini on RTM & Hallmark on Astro, I've never seen anything as emotional as this! Whysay, it's a shame this did not go down in time for the Academy Awards nomination.
Otherwise Daniel Day Lewis would really have tough competition for the Best Actor award.

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