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Saturday, February 2, 2008

The Sushi King Adventure

I was invited as a blogger to the Opening Ceremony of Sushi King on Wednesday. It was an interesting experience for me as this is the first time ever that I attended an event as a blogger, & as part of the press. Finally, this long kau kia is heading somewhere! Yerrdayy. Read about it here & here.

The next morning after the event, there was a big ad in Borneo Post about the ceremony.

And guess what? I was in it. Well, at least my back was.

This is it. The world now knows my name. I will never be able to go shopping in town without being recognised & mugged by crazed fans. I am now on par with Whacko Jacko. I am now famous. Or at least my back is.

On the whole, it was a nice event & I got to meet a few old friends.

Alphonsus the videographer.

I've known this guy for quite sometime but never got to know his name. He's a full-time freelance photographer now & he does corporate shoots. Oh, his name is Julio (Thanks Gette).

Silas the event organiser & lead singer of local band Evenstarr. We hosted a radio show together once upon a time. Even though I sucked, they let me do it for 3 years. You can see how he went on to become a singing sensation, and I, on the other hand, became a reclusive invisible blogger, with zero advertising revenues, with random readers who only drop by when there's nothing better to read.

That's why people decline me when I want to take their photos. You can't blame them. Who wants to be associated with an unknown blog. But then again, I am famous now. It's gonna be different from now on. People will beg me to have their pictures taken! MUAHAHAHAHA


Since politeness didn't work, I switched to the papparazzi-wildlife photographer get-whatever-you-can-take technique.

Andrea from Eastern Times. She didn't even notice. She was just busy swallowing sushi.

And of course, Georgette from Borneo Post. She looks like a happy bunny.

Sushi King gave me a bag of goodies to take home. I was so excited, expecting some ta-pau sushi inside. But of course, it wasn't there.

Goodies from the goodie bag.

So that we are reminded of Sushi King when working.

Woohoo! Can eat 2-3 plates of sushi!

So that we are reminded everyday of Sushi King.

Woohoo! 10% discount card!

Hey, maybe I can put the coupon into one of these angpow giveaways. Anybody lucky enough will get it from me. But RM10 is quite a lot of money. Maybe I should tear it into half & split them into two ang pows.

With that, I can now eat, drink, sleep, work & live Sushi King.


Gette said...

His name is Julio.

And Yu Ji's very camera shy. Next time don't ask; just shoot.

-popjammerz- said...

Congrats on Sushi King at Kuching!!!
ho u were special guest! cool..

didn't know u work at radio station before, that was once what i hope to do~ :P

the sushi king pen looks quite nice and comfortable to use and to hold! i want also!!! why PJ sushi king don't have...