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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Politics of Longkang

It's interesting to note that after losing almost all the Kuching seats in the last state elections, BN’s SUPP still doesn't get it.

In Alan Sim's letter to voters (Borneo Post Feb 25), he had this to say: "Give the opposition another 3 terms, the earth drains in front of your houses will not turn into reinforced concrete drains, the traffic woes in Kuching will not be resolved, the security in Kuching will not improve and the inflation will not stop."

Uhh... I thought those were the responsibilities of the Local Council & the police. You know, the institutions where our tax money goes to? I am most certain that our tax money didn't go to the opposition.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I have nothing against Alan Sim personally. He seems like a nice young chap who's willing to work hard. He's even got a new mantra "New Way, New Hope". I think he is working hard, but it’s just that he seems to be veering off course.

I don’t understand this thing about SUPP. They like to talk about drains. They think when they mention drains, the people would seriously think twice and swing their votes to them.

"Oh sh*t! I forgot about the drains! Must vote for BN!"

Then of all things, SUPP came up with this rap song.

WHO SAYS vote rocket will bring development?
WHO SAYS vote rocket will bring in the funds?
WHO SAYS vote rocket will bring down fuel prices?
WHO SAYS vote rocket will change people's lives?
WHO SAYS SUPP can't change everything?
(Translation provided by Kenny Sia)

Chk chk chk chk. Now this rap song is making me really confused. IF the rocket is not able to do all this, then who can? As far as I can remember, SUPP couldn't do it either (you could almost hear the crickets chirping & the frogs croaking). At least we know that the rocket is loud when it blasts off.

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WoMbOk™♂ said...

Is this the 'say no to rocket' song that SUPP actually made? Happening-nye. Sounds so very the emo man. Gangsta rap yo.