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Thursday, February 28, 2008

The Position of the Opposition

In Sarawak, you'd know the elections are coming when a certain someone's white beard starts to grow.

You can even be more sure that it's gonna happen in a few days time when these people start appearing in the front pages, launching projects which have been kept on the shelves for 4 years, waiting just for an ocassion like this.

Taib: No way opposition can form govt (Borneo Post)

I think in Malaysia, a lot of people are confused about the role of a government & also the actual role of an opposition. There's this misconception on the part of BN that the opposition are actually evil rockets from hell. So there is really a need to clear up this confusion, otherwise people outside the country will think that we're all so sua pa (jungle).

Fact No. 1: Let's face it. BN will always win & it will always be the rulling party. It will always be the government.

Fact No. 2: In a true mature democracy, the role of the opposition is welcomed. The opposition has a very important role, and that is to check & balance, sort of a watchdog if you will.

It will bark & make all the noise of protest that it can if there's any sign of deviation from the actual course, if there's misuse of public funds, misconduct, derogative comments about women, stupid money-wasting mega projects, if the roof leaks, if a super model gets bombed, if someone draws a keris & makes racist remarks, if someone says 'looks like him, sounds like him, but it's not him'.

You see, their role is to bark so that the herd stays in line, and on course. They do not have to bring in funds, nor fix the drains, nor improve police security, nor build schools or mega multi-billion dollar projects. That's the job of the government. Simply because the government holds the power, and our hard-earned money.

If the opposition is to do what the government is supposed to do, then we should be paying taxes to them instead. Don't you think?

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Terri @ A Daily Obsession said...

it really is true tt we've been brought up with such wrong ies of the opposition.
i met a young man today who told me his boss, who supports Gerakan, made all the employees sign the enrollment form for joining the party. if they don't sign, no job. this is a development company. they were even nade to march in political rallies. i told him his rights, but he seemed to accept being bullied. i look at the indians, n i am ashamed tt we chinese r such cowards.