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Saturday, March 8, 2008

Ah Beng Good Boy Go Voting

With all the heat from the election campaigns that have been going on for the whole two weeks, how could I not fulfill my responsibility & exercise my right to vote out the useless candidates?

So Ah Beng became good boy & went voting today.

My polling centre was usually at the Green Road Secondary School. I haven't been to this school for a loooong time already, not since I was a teenager. You see, I was not from this school but at that time there were chun girls there. But now I was here for a different reason, a more important reason.

I never realised that the school was on a lane with a name like Sockalingam. Or maybe at that time, Sockalingam didn't mean as much as it does now. It looks like Sock Lingam, it sounds like Sock Lingam, but it's not.

I went for my first ever voting back in 98'. At that time, this polling station was packed with people, squeezing their way though with their ICs.

But it's been different eversince. There weren't a lot of people this time. And whoever was there that afternoon was calm & orderly.

After checking my polling info with the officer, I was told that my polling centre was supposed to be at the Green Road PRIMARY School. And that was way across the football field.

So I got back into my car & drove over. When I got there, the first banner I saw said 'Jangan Buang Sampah Merata-Rata' (Don't Throw Rubbish).

There were more.

No Smoking Zone. Drive Slowly. Don't Honk. Stop the engine when waiting near classroom. That's a lot of rules & advice. I found the next one intriguing. It's something like the 3 monkeys. You know, the See, Speak, Hear No Evil?

I Hear & I Forget. Don't you think it just reminds you of BN?

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