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Monday, March 17, 2008

Cosplay at One

Cosplay is one of the wierder phenomenons happening in our societies around the world today.

Fans of Japanese animation would dress up as their favourite manga or anime character, running around in tights, taking photos with their peers, & going to manga/animation or cosplay conventions around the world.

Waisay. What a pose. So very the satt.

As animation becomes more hyper-realistic, real people on the other hand become more animation-like.

OMG. So many of them. I wonder if they have
full-time jobs. I wonder if their bosses know.

I've always thought that this phenomena only happens in Japan, but over the years it has spread to the United States of America & beyond - like Mexico.

It seems that the Mexicans cosplayers like pointy things on the chest area.

You can tell that some of these fans really put a lot of effort into their costumes to look cool.

This is why I use the word some. This Transformer dude is really NOT cool.

I can't help it but to ask - What's with the blue patch down there?

Ngai Tee. Like this also can. Gundam fans will be so excited.

They actually did it. Real humans have finally completed
their transformation into full animation characters.

In recent years, cosplay has also descended upon Malaysia. Malaysians of all race & religion dress up as Japanese characters, united as one in the brother-sisterhood of otaku.

Kuching was not spared either.

I'm happy to say that I was already at the forefront of cool, a long way back, before all these kids were born. A long time ago, before there was Final Fantasy, before there was Gundam, I was already a cosplayer.

Sailor Moon at age one.

I started really young. If I'd continue on till today, you'd have to bow down to me & call me the Uncle Godfather of Cosplay.

Kuomintang/Red Army at four.

At the rate that I was going, & the choices that I went for, you'd have thought that I was beginning to carve out a career in national defence. But then again, I liked to experiment.

Sarawak Pepper farmer costume.

It is quite fortunate that I did not end up as any one of my childhood costume fantasies. Today, I have grown well & beyond. You'd be glad to hear that I no longer wear costumes. In fact, the nearest thing to a cosplay that I have now is a Man-at-work-in-office costume.


Terri @ A Daily Obsession said...

lolllll!!greg, u were such a cutie! ya, this just proves nothing's new, it's just trends re-invented. i'm not surprised about this cosplay thing bc the Japs have benn doing it like for the past 30, 40 years!or maybe more. if u go to my japan post, there's a couple of pics of weird cosplay ppl n thing is, they r everywhere in harajuku.

Greg Wee said...

heheheh. paisay paisay.

NEE said...

yeah he was cute rite. he show me his baby photo when we were dating and kabooomm i decide to marry him because i want my kids to look like tat. hehee...