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Friday, March 28, 2008

The Death of Santa Claus

Adults lie a lot to kids. Whether it's to keep them in control, or to get them to behave, or to get them to bugger off, it's usually done for their own good... I hope.

One of the myths that adults perpetuate amongst their young is the Myth of Santa Claus. Santa Claus is a wonderful re-invention of Coca-Cola. Although he doesn't sell Coke to kids, he keeps them in control. If you're good throughout the whole year, then he'll come in through the chimney & drop you a present on Christmas Eve. If you're naughty, you ain't gettin' no nothin'.

This simple principle works fine for young kids. But when they grow up & start to learn reasoning, the theory breaks into pieces.

1) What constitute as being good? At what point do you drop down to bad? What about not very good & not very bad then? Does that mean you get a cheaper present?

2) If you're being good for the whole year, & then on Christmas eve you do one tiny little bad thing, would that forfeit everything good that you've done? If that's the case then a lot of children, maybe everyone of them won't be gettin' nothin' for Christmas.

3) Where's the chimney in a Malaysian house?

At this point you might think what an intelligent little boy I was, to have thought of all these complex reasonings at such a young age. But to tell you the honest truth, I was not that advanced at all. I never got to No. 1 or 2. I cracked my head already at No. 3.

I guess that's why Santa gave me & my brother a helmet that Christmas.

I must have been around 7 years old. I got a Racing helmet & my brother got a police one. That was back in the old days when there was no F-1s & the Police were not a rock band.

Yes, they were exactly what we wanted cos we saw them in a shop & it was kinda like the in thing. My Dad was with us at that time. Hmm... very suspiciously suspicious. And our house didn't have a chimney.

That was the year I grew up, cos I finally realised that Santa's never gonna come to Kuching cos there's no chimney around.

But whatever it was, that helmet beats a paper hat anytime.


pamsong said...

I wonder why I never believed in Santa that way. I mean, I always knew he was just a fat guy dressed up in a suit.

Greg Wee said...

Oh you mean the ones at the shopping mall (or supermarkets, at that time). Those were of a different species. I've always known how to discern the real from a pirated one since a long time ago. :)