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Wednesday, March 5, 2008

The Definition of Women

There have been many times which I've received endless emails with male-bashing jokes that leave me beaten, depressed, not wanting to live anymore, & sometimes worst, not wanting to be male anymore.

But today, it is retribution my brothers! It's getting even, measure for measure, payback, reprisal, retaliation, revenge, tit for tat, tooth for a tooth, vengeance & vindication! MUAHAHA

It's a celebration of the MACHO MALE (with the exception of The Village People). We are strong my brothers! United we stand!

Oh my Gawd, please help me. Sorry boys. Wierd-costumed men are not allowed in this rally.

It is time. Get Ready to Rumble. Ah Beng's Wonderful World presents
The Definition of Women According to Engineers!

Mathematical Engineering

Chemical Engineering

Statistical Probability Engineering

Electrical Engineering

Electronic Circuit Engineering

And finally, we brothers united must stand together & fight against this evil that exists in our world today!In the name of all things male, I compel you! Be Gone Evil!

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