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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Everybody Wanted to be Steve Austin


As a kid, I used to shout that as I attempted a slo-mo effect run, or a slo-mo effect punch or a slo-mo effect jump. In fact, all kids from the psychedelic era of the late 70s did that. Everyone was doing that in the classroom before the teacher came in. They were also doing that during recess. It was always a slo-mo movement + the TAY-NAN-NAN-NAN-NAN-NAN-NAN.

No, we were not on drugs. We were just imitating the most popular TV show of that time - The Six Million Dollar Man.

The show was about a guy named Steve Austin who was given bionic limbs. And as result, the bugger could jump down from tall buildings, lift heavy things with incredible strength, & run as fast as the bullet - Better, Stronger, Faster!

Every kid in school wanted to be like him. Some of the lucky ones even owned the Six Million Dollar Man Lunch Box & flask which I never had. I never knew where they bought it (probably in Singapore - everybody went to Singapore for holidays at that time). And even if I knew, I wouldn't be able to afford it.

But it was ok. I had the Six Million Dollar Man T-Shirt.

There. Even though it was a cheap reproduction, I wore it faithfully till it faded. But it was ok. Nothing was original during the 70s. Everything was imitation. That was normal.

And here I was, in front of the TV. And even though you can't see it on the photo, The Six Million Dollar Man show was on right then. TAY-NAN-NAN-NAN-NAN-NAN-NAN

The show was so popular that it created a spin-off called The Bionic Woman, which was equally popular. Jaime Sommers could also do what Steve Austin did.

That was a long time ago. Today, I don't even know where Steve Austin & Jaime Sommers are anymore. But it is interesting to see TV producers bringing this show back on TV, with a remake - The New Bionic Woman.

And then I also heard there's a new Six Million Dollar Man movie coming out soon.

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tt kid is cute lol