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Monday, March 10, 2008

It's a Brand New World

I woke up on Sunday morning after the elections feeling on top of the world. BN was denied 2/3 by the opposition. It was a major casualty for the BN parties as several cabinet ministers fell flat on their faces.

Zam Zam Alakazam, the Mis-Information Minister fell.

Samy Vellu slipped on a banana peel.

It seems that the BN parties are either still in a state of shock or more likely, in a state of denial, as usual. In true BN fashion, leaders of component parties were already calling for post-mortems & in-depth study to ascertain the reasons for the heavy losses.

In Sarawak, SUPP is calling for a post-mortem. Badawi, like any typical government civil servant, calls for the setting up of a committee. How many committees must they setup? How many post-mortem does SUPP need? They've been doing post-mortems eversince they lost in the last State Elections. The people have spoken, but they've still not heard. It's a wake up call alright, but they're still sleeping.

The quite caution exercised by the oppositions after their win is highly commendable. They know it took a long time for them to be able to reach where they are now, and they're not about to do something stupid to lose it. We hope they remember that.

And while the BN component parties are going the merry-go-round with their committees & post-mortems, the opposition has already begun work. DAP in Penang is already looking into ways to revive the state's flailing economy, brought about while under the previous rulling party.

Jeff Ooi, the blogger-turned-DAP candidate, who won with a majority of 16,000+ votes, is already working hard, "We would certainly look into the affairs of PDC and InvestPenang, and the tourism machinery, for a start. Transforming Penang's economy will have to start from here. " Doesn't that just makes you feel like moving to Penang?

I was particular inspired when he had this to add, "From my perspective, looking at the demographics and dynamics in economy, Penang can be an exemplary showcase of how a nation can thrive without succumbing to the outdated New Economic Policy."

Suddenly, I felt a new ray of hope shinning down for all Malaysians of all races. In fact, if such a model can succeed, there will never be a need for the preferential treatment & segregation of race again. Preferential treatment will only be in the form of assistance given to those who need them the most, & not based on race, & will not be abused by those in power.

Suddenly, there is hope for me not to remain as a lost second class citizen.
Suddenly, I could hear my own voice again.
Suddenly, I realise I have a say, I own a part of my government, my country.
Suddenly, I start to believe again that I may just have the opportunity for a bright future in this country of mine.

Jeff Ooi rocks his way into parliament.

If the opposition coalition play their strings right & remember that they can always easily lose the support that they have now should they slack, then this new form of politics will attract a lot more highly qualified & intelligent people who feel that they can contribute to the nation's development, instead of entering politics for the wrong reason. And if all this happens, then Ah Beng's World will never be the same again.


Terri @ A Daily Obsession said...

Ah Beng's world must continue to poke the leaders if they need to be poked. hey, tt's what i said too, about moving to Penang. I bet there will be quite some families tt will move once their economy picks up. shoot! i wonder if there's any cheap airasia tickets left.

Greg Wee said...

I've always thought that one day if there was any racial unrest such as the one in Indonesia, then Singapore would be the last salvation for the Chinese (being the closest). But now, maybe, just maybe, Penang might be another option.