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Thursday, March 6, 2008

New Mercedez for Ah Beng

It's sometimes quite sad to see all the Ah Beng's on the road with their Zhng cars. They modify their cars cos there's none in the market that suits their taste.

For ekjampel, I saw this car in front of mine at the traffic light this morning. The spoiler on the car was so HUGE that I thought it was an aircraft that missed Ting Pek Khing's airport, and somehow landed at the Jalan Song traffic light junction.

The car was in front of me & I caught it on my handphone.

Well, I'm glad Mercedez has got a new model out now for the many cash-rich Ah Bengs out there, who could never find a car that really suits them - The F700!

Waisayy. So Beng. Can drift o not?

Wahh. So got class. Can drive to play golf.

Hoolamak. Backside even more beautiful.

Ngai Tee! Can even transform.

Look at the console properly guys. When your wife or mother is not around, it has a computer generated Lien to stand in & nag you on the directions & your driving skills.

The inside looks like a living room.

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