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Wednesday, April 9, 2008

The Coolest Cooler Pad

I was at the recent PIKOM PC Fair in Kuching on Sunday. Who wasn't?

(Oh by the way, I didn't bring my camera on that day.
The first 3 photos here are 'borrowed' from
Allen Ang)

The place was as usual, packed with people like a Yeo's sardine can.

Wait a minute. On second thoughts, the sardine can seems to have more room than this.

At the PC Fair, walking was near impossible. So I just shuffled along with the sea of people. There was very loud techno music every which way you turn, & there were a lot of products with flashing blue lights. It was truly an Ah Beng event & I knew I was in the right elements.

The whole city of Kuching was there. Out of 10 people that you bump into, you'd know 2 of them.
Judging from the crowd, Kuching must be one of the most computer literate societies in the world. But unfortunately, Streamyx here moves slower than my grandma.

Of all the gadgets there, I found the notebook cooler pad most intriguing. Especially the ones with the flashing blue light.I mean it looks so cool. If you're single & you had one of these, you won't remain single for long. Here's an advice for all you young & single bachelors out there - Girls dig guys with cool gadgets okay?

I wasn't sure whether it's the latest must-have in-thing, but I brought one home. It was actually a free gift from buying something else.

Soon I realised that something wasn't right. The design on the box seemed a bit cheesy. I began to worry.

When I pulled it out of the box, boy, was I disappointed. Where's the Star Trek-like see-thru body? And where are the flashing blue lights? What a rip-off! No flashing blue lights = not cool man!
If you're single & you had one of these, you're definitely staying single for the rest of your life man.

And it looked like a kitchen stove! You know what I mean?

When you use something like this, you're supposed to impress your friends. They're supposed to go 'OOOOOH' when they see this. But that won't happen when your laptop is on top of something that looks like a kitchen stove.

Anyway, looks aside, I thought I'd just check out the horsepower.

Well, the best thing about this is that it doesn't need a power plug of it's own, which would have been annoying. Just hook it up to the USB port of your laptop & you're ready to roll.

Uhhhh. Yeah, it's rolling. Now the problem is I can't tell whether it's blowing out air or sucking it in.


Joyce said...

Yes yes, i saw the gas stove at the pc fair @ KL too. wuahahaha, damn ugly.... so can use it to cook maggie mee? :p

Greg Wee said...

You know what? It wasn't too bad at all. It actually works. I'm using it all the time now & it does keep my laptop cool. Amazing!