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Thursday, October 2, 2008

Ah Beng Draws Cartoons: Kuching Beggars

Many years ago there's this Malay husband & wife couple who went around begging for money at kopitiams in Kuching. It didn't matter where you go, they'd almost always be there.

I could still remember encountering them most of the time at this laksa place at Rex cinema. The husband is blind, guided by the fierce wife. When my dad didn't give enough money, the wife would retaliate by scolding & elbowing him.

In light of that, I did this cartoon strip many, many years ago, but somehow I never did send it in for publication.


Heroes said...

hey greg, do you know that i love to read this type of cartoon comics and I felt that you have a great talent in drawing cartoon comics.... you should compile it into a book and find a publisher... I am sure you would make tons of money...

'don sei i din tell u hor...'

Greg Wee said...

Thanks Heroes. You're too kind. I am not worthy!