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Thursday, April 17, 2008

Nutty Japanese Nuts

The Japanese might go nuts from time to time, but you've got to admit that they're highly creative & artistic people, despite their ironic tendency to conform to rules & society.

So since I'm on the subject of Japanese & nuts, I've just got to share this with you. It's like I've found this great Eureka-like discovery.

I saw this at Choice the other day and I grabbed it, despite the fact that it costed me RM13.50 for one can, & that the manufacturer wasn't Japanese at all. But there were some Japanese writing there, so that was good enough for me baby.

This is what inside the can looks like. Psychedelic coolness man.

It reminded me of the kailedoscope. Remember the little tube-like toy?

When you rotate it, you'd see repeating patterns appearing & disappearing. It's fun. You could do that for hours & waste your life away.

See the resemblance with the can of nuts?
No? Sorry. I might have been a little carried away.

The exciting thing about a can of Japanese nuts is the variety. There's the spicy ones which I call Fire nuts. And this is how one's nuts look like when they're on fire.

Then there's the fire-up-the-nose green peas in wasabi.

They reminded me of the Hulk.

I guess that's how he feels most of the time, with fire up his nose, & also up his somewhere else.

Then there's the cracker balls with sesame seed.

I think the post war effect must have had quite an impact on the Japanese psyche. It would seem off hand that they still draw their inspiration from that experience.

I call this one the Mushroom Cloud cracker.

See what I mean?

Oh I almost forgot this last one. It's a rice cracker with a seat belt.

But then again, it'd probably look like something else depending on how you look at it.

Note: Censorship is necessary to keep this blog child-friendly

And all together now, one big family of nuts (& crackers).

Japanese snacks like this always go well with beer. But since there might be children reading this blog, I'll just say that they go well with good ol' Shandy.


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