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Sunday, June 1, 2008

Armpit Action

I ran out of dry stick about 2 weeks ago. So I have to confess here that I've been running around without any application under my arm pit for a while now.

I don't know about you, but it has always been one of my deepest fear to look like this.

What's worst than having a wet armpit stain is looking like David Hasselhoff, with the stain.

However, you can't blame David Hasselhoff. Some people just have more sweaty glands, & these things are beyond their control. And these sweat glands have a mind of their own. They can sometimes choose to come out in the most inappropriate places.

Well, I've been holding the fort partly because I've been too busy to go out & buy a new stick, and partly because I knew there would be another Parkson Grand Sale sometime about now.

Correct me if I'm wrong, did you also notice that the Grand Sale is on every end of the month, when your payslip comes out? Maybe Parkson should rename it as the Great-Monthly-When-Your-Payslips-Come-Out-Sale.

So I went and got this at Parkson Riverside since THe Spring would be a place to avoid at this time of the month.

I think armpits are getting more priority nowadays in the beauty/physical appearance scheme of things. I know women spend a lot of money on cosmetics, maybe even averaging up to RM500-1000 per purchase for an assorted varieties of products for their skin, face & lips.
Well, I feel that my armpits have really got it going for them.

Cos I'm investing RM76.00 into those territories alone.

Imagine all the chemicals, ingredients & nutrients that we're feeding them.

I think my armpits are dang lucky buggers. I mean I'm feeding them imported stuff man - all the way from UK. From the looks of it, you'd think I'm keeping expensive pets under my arms.

Treat your armpits well ok.


Anonymous said...

Wah! expensive armpit ah!!!

Greg Wee said...

It's not hard to do that really. It's like keeping pets.

Joyce said...

walaoeh.. deodorant also need that expensive meh? hehe..

Greg Wee said...

Hey I've got expensive high maintenance grass growing there ok.