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Sunday, May 4, 2008

Manly Project 2: Pimp My Ride

My wife collects exercise machines. The reason why I say this is because she buys them, uses them for a few times, & then they sit there & become museum exhibits.

This was her very first.

It's a stepper, & it was simple, compact & easy to use. It's supposed to simulate stair-climbing action.

Then came this monster.

It's a double-action cycling-ski machine. It was fully utilised & subjected to all kinds of exercise rigour, including violent abuse by children who came to the house. And pretty soon something inside went KA-TWANG.
Now, the problem with most exercise machine shops in Kuching is that they do not carry spare parts. So as we looked for the new strap, the machine sat there in the corner gathering dust, cobwebs & growing mushrooms.

We found the strap only after about one year plus.

And the immediate task was to transfer the spring hook from the old strap (left) to the new one (right).

Now, theoretically, it sounds like an easy task. All I had to do was to use my IKEA pliers to pry the spring coil out of the strap.

But doing it was another matter. I swear, that was the toughest son-of-a-nut that I've ever tried to crack. I couldn't even bend it a little. It made me feel like a wimp.

But of course I had other ways of persuasion, & it came out in the end.

To force the spring hook into the new strap, I had to snip off one of the strap's corner as it was too thick.

At this point, I stopped to recollect my thoughts. Hey, I was literally fixing a machine. Doesn't that make make me like one of those guys in MTV's Pimp My Ride?

Cool. My all-male testesterone surged beyond control. I was strong, & I was all man. And the rest was easy breezy.

Hook it up...

strap it on...

& we're ready to rock & roll, & cycle all the way to Pekan Tondong. But that didn't happen.

Instead, my wife bought another machine.

It's a stepper, with twisting motion.

It comes with the typical control panel that lets you monitor your calories etc.

And it also comes with hand-stretch cables.

Guess where this new machine is now?

It's the store room.


Joyce said...

gals huh.. hehe, i did that too! i guess it's pretty common for gals to buy things and keep it aside after used it several times.

Well, we like to try new stuff mar..

Greg Wee said...

yeah, they buy exercise machines like they buy shoes. :)

Heroes said...

Greg, i think most of us irrespective male or female like to buy new stuff...use for a few times and then transfer to store room.... :-)

Now OSIM, OGAWA ,bla bla bla..... have came out with many types of exercise machine.... go and get the latest one... hahaha..

Greg Wee said...

SHHHHHH. Please don't let my wife hear that!