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Monday, June 23, 2008

The Barney Project

This is Barney, the most beloved & also hated singing soft toy in the world, depending on your age.Loved to death by toddlers, it is the most annoying living & breathing & singing dinosaur in existence today.

I bet it must have been one tough cookie to have survived the ice age. I mean he could have ended up like this.

A word of warning if you still do not know Barney. Do not mess with this royal purple pain in the buttocks. It will sing & drive you insane. I mean this is the very same thing US Troops used to torture Iraqi detainees. I am not kidding you.

Slowly but surely, you will find that your kids will begin to love Barney more than you. He plays with their minds.

Be very aware, there's not only one, but more.

And they hunt in packs.

This is Barney's creator.

If I knew where she lived, I would have sent a terminator back through time to terminate her project.

The news is my cousin Rodney ordered a cake for 2-year old Samantha. I thought that was fine until he wanted a Barney cake. Then all hell broke loose. I panicked at first but then I thought that I should be a good uncle. So if I can imagine Samantha's excitement, then it should all be worthwhile.

After doing a bit of research, I took out the merzipan & mixed it with some food colouring.

This is Royal Purple for the His Royal Highness' Purple Hide.

And gutsy green for his guts.

Now before I reveal my creation, please remember that I am just an amateur. My sloppy sculptures with Merzipan would not get an oooohhh aaaahhh response from you. At its very best, it can only manage an oklah, can do, just slightly passed. So, if you're Barney's No. 1 die-hard fan, please forgive me.

I do not know how to do sugarcraft, but I don't think a 2-year old would notice the difference.

I really hope Samantha could at least recognise it for Barney cos Merzipan is tough to handle. It sweats when you leave it out in room temperature. That's why I had to be careful & kept them in the fridge.
I know. They look so pathetic sitting there. They look like meat products.

This is how it turned out in the end. The colour went off a bit because of the camera settings.

Happy Birthday Samantha!


Abdullah said...

There was a time a dreamed of giving Barney a slow, painful death...
And then I made peace with him, cos I didn't really see him that often anymore..
And then my son came along...

Must... contain... hatred... anger...
kill... huh..huh...



Greg Wee said...

HAHAHAHA But you gotta admit it, it's the cheapest baby sitter in the world. It'd cost you maybe RM4 for the VCD, & that'd occupy the kids for hours. I can't guarantee how they will turn out to be in the end though.

Abdullah said...

Hehehehe...scary thought man...
Hey, I'm gonna be i town agn (kuching) this coming weekend..maybe we can go for a drink or something. I'll be lepakking at the Harbourview hotel... Previous visits was Grand Continental..location sucks!

Greg Wee said...

:) Yeah, Harbour View is definitely right in front of the waterfront. Walk out the door & you're there.

Halamanku said...

Nice job! And speaking of this famous purple dinosaur, we just celebrated my lil niece 3rd B'dy just last month and my sis had ordered a cake in a shape of Barney thru this tauke of the restaurant we are having our lunch as the tauke's brother owns a bakery. Well, i did tell her bout my suspicion on whether the tauke know who Barney is, and my sis assured me tat its impossible tat no one would not know Barney. So, on D day, her heart just stop beating when she saw the cake, its Bugs Bunny, hahahaha..... serve her right, but, not a big deal, my niece is only 3, she's more excited to blow the candles than the cake, and the cake tasted good, so, its all fine.

Baby Sam said...

Hey Greg,

Just wanna say A BIG THANK YOU on the Barney cake!!!

I didn't know it took so much work to make that... it was all worth it, I can tell you that! :)

Sam loved the Barney, and we all thought the cheese cake was great!

BTW Barney the Purple Dinosaur is awesome. Ok, I have to say this becuz Sam makes us watch this with her EVERYDAY!!!

Greg Wee said...

Hey Rodney: You are very the welcome. I enjoyed doing it!
I'm just glad it's a Barney & not the Alien creature from the movie.

Hey Halamanku: HAHAHA. That sounds like one of the experiences with the old barber shops. You know, when you show them a picture of a haircut that you wanted, & they'll go 'can, can do, no prob.' then when he's done, you realised that he either gave you one of his generic crew cut or a coconut head cut.

Anonymous said...

How to make the sparkling white part for the barney? you used marker for the eye?

I'm keen to give it a try..
Thank you...


Greg Wee said...

Hi Mandy,

I used paper cutouts for the eye & teeth with black marker.

More sculptures on my other blog:

Let me know how it goes!

Anonymous said...

I'm 16 years old and Barney is still and has always been my favorite show ! i llove that show and i cant wait till i get to go to his live show this december ((: