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Friday, June 13, 2008

Ah Ma Ghostbuster

In the US, when you have a problem with the spirit kind, you'd call these people.

But in Asia, it's a totally different culture & philosophy altogether. Here, grandma does everything. She washes our clothes, cooks, feed the chickens, plant vegetables at the back of the house, & looks after the little ones cos Mom & Dad are at work trying to make a living to pay for the expensive petrol & rising cost of living!!! Sorry. I'm still a bit mad.

And when you have problems with ghosts & people dying, who you gonna call?
Ah Ma Ghostbuster of course.

I found this very well made Taiwanese Hokkien animated movie on Youtube by chance. It's about a tough s.o.b. grandma shaman who kicks *ss & her little grandson. Uhh, let me rephrase that - she's not kicking her grandson. It's about her & her grandson.

Cute. Very the cute. It's like a Miyazaki on Hokkien steroids.

If anyone has info about this, please drop me a line cos I have scoured the whole internet galaxy but have found nothing on this animation.


Halamanku said...

Hi,Here's the info i manage to find, most of it r in chinese...
Director's info-
the making-


Greg Wee said...

Thanks a bunch Halamanku! Now I have to find someone to help me translate into English!HELLLLPP!!!! I shoulda continued those Mandarin classes 23 years ago!!!!

Anonymous said...

first of all, great blog. i've actually a copy of the majic ah-ma. i saw that movie a long time ago. I think it was vcd celup i got in jb. anyways, its been so many years already and i have moved to the US and I was trying to get a copy for 2 kids to watch. i mean, we all gotta know our roots somehow right... so, if i go back to JB and find me my copy, i'll upload it somewhere for all to see. i think its an impressive piece of art too. i can be reached at magnum46atgmaildotcom

Greg Wee said...

Thanks anonymous. Let me know when it's up on YouTube & I'll announce it's premiere!

Greg Wee said...

Thanks anonymous. Let me know when it's up on YouTube & I'll announce it's premiere!