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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

A Malaysian Superhero in Contrast

This is an American Superhero. Well, supervillian to be exact.

When this bugger threatens you, you'd better take it seriously cos he's got a fancy helmet, sexy leather gloves, leather boots & expensive cape.

Do not make fun of his helmet cos he's got the secret power of the universe under that thing & he will not hesitate to use it. Be afraid. Be very afraid.

But little do people know that deep in the heart of Malaysia, there exists a similar superhero, with similar powers. Behold! They call him...

The Magnetic Man!!!

Be forewarned of my superpowers! Bow down to my superiority
now or else face my wrath
for I can & will stick one more
fork onto my body & make you scream in agony!

I know, appearance wise, he's not really something to behold. Heck, I mean he doesn't even look like a superhero. I mean he's a shirtless Grandpa. And you're probably going to find him at the kopitiam more than at the top of Wisma Ting Pek Khing fighting crimes.

(And he was probably spending time with his grown up children & grandchildren celebrating Father's Day on Sunday at Holiday Inn)

But please, do not underestimate his power. For he can drag buses with a steel plate under his powerful armpit.

Unlike Malaysia, I think Western superheroes somehow have everything going for them. They got the sexy costumes & they've got the sidekicks.

Just look at Magneto. I mean look at his sidekick.

If you can have Rebecca Romijn as your sidekick, who doesn't want to be a superhero?

But unfortunately in Malaysia, nothing will ever be as good. Guess who Grandpa Magnetic Man has for his sidekick?

Introducing his grandson, The Magnetic Boy Wonder.
"Patience boy, when you grow up, you can do the hammers too. "

Watch the video here.


Abdullah said...

I just discovered my superpower... I can flatulate with exeptional noise, which I can use to momentarily deafen my enemies when I need to make my escape...Hahahaha!!!

Greg Wee said...

If done properly in an organised way, it becomes music.