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Thursday, June 19, 2008

Of Petrol Hikes & Ripping Shirts

Malaysians are still reeling from the recent incredulous price hike in petrol. It's a phenomena that's happening everywhere around the world. But somehow, you know that there must be something that can be done about it, but the people who are supposed to be doing something aren't doing anything.

This is the thing that is making people rip their shirts in anger around the world.

Hulk Hogan is pissed, but he can't do much cos he's retired from WWE.

Even Superman couldn't do much cos BN is still in power.

The Hulk is as pissed as ever but this is about all that he can do.

Even Michael Jackson is losing his cool, & literally his shirt.
He owes a whopping USD23 million & now he has to sing
in Las Vegas to virtually pay off his debts.

It will be a long & arduous journey. May God save us all.

1 comment:

Abdullah said...

The menswear department must be making a killing with all the ripped shirts arouond the world...what a time to be in the clothing business ;)