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Monday, July 7, 2008

The Recycling Culture of Hollywood: WAll-E

Hollywood must be really running out of ideas. It seems like everything's recycled these days.

Now, we all know PIXAR right? I mean who doesn't? Even if you don't, your kids would have told you. And if you don't have kids, well then, I'm telling you now. :)

PIXAR's latest animated feature is going to be released soon. It's called Wall-E.

Like their previous films, this movie is expected to be another hit. It's about a robot who's left behind on a planet to recycle garbage, until one day, he realises that there is a whole other world out there.

But the more I look at the robot character, the more it reminded me of something from a while back.

If you were the children of the 80s, then you'd probably remember this movie which was released in 1986.
It was also about a robot, but this robot dude got zapped by lightning & became 'alive' & had feelings.

Now, when you create a robot for a totally new movie, there's lots of ways to design one that looks totally awesome & unlike anything you've seen before right? I mean that's what you call being creative. But, but, but....

The similarity here is extremely obvious, even to the artistically & creatively challenged people from the Science Stream.

I mean this is like being caught cheating in an exam, where your answers are exactly the same as the person sitting next to you, word for word.

And then, and then, and then... you might also remember this little oren fish which became the huge-est hit a few years ago.

Well, guess where the idea came from?

Chk chk chk (literal translation: tsk tsk tsk) Mr director Andrew Stanton ah. Why you do like that hah?

Please don't get me wrong. PIXAR films are of great quality in terms of technical achievement & great storytelling. I love watching them. Everytime a new film comes out, you can rest assure that it'll be another hit that brings impact to the film industry, modern cinema, the family at home & the box office. And as with everyone else, I'll still be looking forward to Wall-E.

Enjoy the clips!

Wall-E SuperBowl Ad

Wall-E Teaser clip

Sort of the making of Wall-E


Abdullah said...

total Short Cicuit ripoff man...
but gonna watch it anyway cos it looks cool ;)

Greg Wee said...

A better way of saying the same thing would be that it's passionately 'inspired' by Short Circuit heheheh