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Saturday, June 28, 2008

Yoshitomo Nara's Scary Kids

Some people say that an artwork is an extention of the artist's own self. Taking that into account, look at this chain-smoking Japanese dude.

And then look at his painting here.

Do you see the point?

This is one of the most intriguing artist that I've come across. His name if Yoshitomo Nara & he paints little girls. Wait, that doesn't sound right doesn't it? Let me rephrase that, he makes paintings of little girls.

The first impression that you'd get when a bunch of ladies see his painting is 'Awwww, soooooo Cute!'

But then if you look more closely, you'd go 'OMG!'

I imagine that if my grandma saw this, her immediate reaction would be 'Cheh! Ahnay poon ay tang tan chiak' which translates into 'Like this also can make money'.

Yoshitomo's paintings easily cross over between art, pop & commercial illustrations & back again.

His flat cartoonish/anime style really makes you think again about what is art.

Geez. If I knew this was possible, I would have continued to draw cartoons for a living.

Ok. This is not cute anymore. It's getting scarier.

Oh, if you want to know the name of the paintings, right click on your mouse & choose save as. You'll be able to see the title. This one's called Another Girl Another Planet.

This is getting really scary now. Sorta like Ju-on coming out of a box.

You can see the progression of his ideas here when he explores other themes like cosplay.

And sadism.

This is a nightmare. I'm beginning to wonder what goes on in his head when he did this.

Now I know this looks cruel. But it is kinda cute in a twisted way.

But I think the dog on the right needs a bit of privacy. His butt is exposed.

This one reminds me of what my foochow mother-in-law said once, 'If children likes to play with fire, you've got to teach them fear. Burn their finger & they'll know'. I believe she would do it.

I thought this was a funny installation. It's called Cup Kids. It's a bunch of bored kids in teacups.

This reminds me of the teacup ride in Disneyland. Somehow, I think Disneyland would not be very happy with this.

And finally, these are his eerie sleep walking series.


Abdullah said...

Dude...weird entry man...
Am now giving lecture in PPKS in Tabuan Jaya...Yesterday went to Bella Italia for dinner, and ate at The Spring for lunch...
I simply love the food here! Of course had my customary Teh C Peng Special... Today's was a bit different coz they used wheatgrass sugar (i think)..hehehe...
Pity we couldn't meet up!

Greg Wee said...

If durian is the king of fruits, then Teh C Peng must be the king of the kopitiam.