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Saturday, August 2, 2008

Subtitles in London: Updated

Whenever I'm in a foreign land, I'd always find it interesting to check out what's on their TV. You'd always never now what ya gonna git.

This is British TV & they call it teley.

British teley is wierd. I think almost 80% of their programmes are either American or Australian shows. Take this for instance, it's an Australian series called Neighbours. For those not in the now, it's where superstar Kylie started her career.

And also Jason Donovan.

And also Guy Pierce.

And also Natalie Imbruglia, believe it or not.

And also Mr. Gladiator himself, Russell Crowe.

But that's besides the point.

Whenever programmes like this is on, there's always an auntie in red at the bottom of the screen.

Now, this may not be so peculiar to us as we've also got the same thing on Malaysian TV news.

I guess the sign language auntie comes in handy for the hearing impaired viewers, and that is a good thing for a news programme. But I think for a TV drama series, it's just a bit too wierd.

Especially when the auntie keeps turning around when none of the actors are talking. It's like us watching someone watching the movie that we're watching. Comprende?


Heroes said...

Greg, I agreed with you that it's really weird to watch the 'amah' at the bottom corner of the TV!! Hahaha

Why they show those old old movies in their TV? No other movies liaw kar???

BTW, how long you stay in London? Is it a nice place to visit?

Greg Wee said...

Hi Heroes,

British teley is not exactly very exciting. I was in London for a total of 5 nights. It's a very historical place & it just makes you full of wonder about the grand scheme of things. It's a nice place to visit but you will always be reminded that 1 pound = 6.5 ringgit.

Anonymous said...