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Friday, July 25, 2008

A Tribute to Shohjo-Tai

Almost everyone has an idol, at a certain time in their life. My mom was once crazy about Frankie Valli.

Frankie Valli in the 50/60s. She wasn't as impressed
with the Four Seasons, but Frankie came with it.

And there was also Cliff Richard, who had a whole lot of fertile hair at that time.

But of course, I'm just guessing the extent of her craze cos that was such a long time ago, & she doesn't talk about it like a 14-year old would. But of course, you can't expect her to cos all of them look like this today.
Frankie Valli in his 70s.

And SIR Cliff Richard today, minus all that hair.

Then there was my sister. She was crazy about Sting when she was still a teenager.

& believe it or not, Ed Harris too, at her age mind you.

I mean I can understand girls going goo-goo over Sting. But I think my sis was way beyond her age to have liked Ed Harris. But I guess she just digs people who look like skeletor.

Or even The Red Skull.

Now, I also was a big fan of a teeny bobber group from Japan called Shohjo-Tai.

In fact, I was more than a fan. I was a crazed lunatic over them. If there was such a thing as a stalker back then, I'd have volunteered to be one.

Shohjo-Tai was a great girl band. They even did cosplay.

But you see, back then it was quite difficult to be a fan. There was no internet nor Bill Gates. So that meant it was pretty hard to find any piece of news or photos about anything.

It was a lonely pursuit in this fan-ship as there was no one I could share this good news with. There were no such thing as internet fan forums. And when Shohjo-Tai came for a concert in KL, not everybody could fly there, because Tony Fernandez hadn't thought of AirAsia yet.

But of course, that was a long time ago. Now I'm all grown up & have gone beyond that. All that remains now as just a part of my Sweet Dreams & Memories, until... YouTube unleashed it's supreme power.

Now, Shohjo-Tai is alive again!
And it will live on Forever, Forever! MUAHAHAHAHAHA

Shohjo-Tai's first TV appearance in Japan on a really ridiculously funny show. Watch out for the skinny sumo dancers with backpacks.






agilentbear said...

Thanks so much for this!!! I was also a die hard Shojo Tai fan and would be stalker when I was younger. What a blast from the past!!!


Greg Wee said...

Shojo Tai forever! I didn't even had the chance to stalk them.

Hedgehog said...

Wah, Ah Beng..... good one.

I was searching high and low. Sure does bring back memories.

See what I found. Live your memories here....

Canadian Viagra said...

Music is my life, as well. I actually get bothered when I come upon an individual that does not care much for music. Like, how do you live?!!! lol. Music makes the world go around. And just like yourself, anytime I am frustrated or annoyed or just plain ol' angry, I just turn to my music. It immediately calms me down. And I'm back to my happy place.

zulkifly said...

been looking high and low for cds of shohjo tai...i was or you can say STILL a fan of shohjo tai..any help where to get any?

Unknown said...

Please visit "Shohjo-Tai / Shohjyo-Tai (少女隊)" facebook page... and please don't forget to "like" this page as well. Thank you in advance... ^^

michael said...

just spoken to my fren laz nite abt my first crush many years ago during my teenage life and how many wet dreams i had with them(shojo tai) -haha!yes we all miss shojo tai n i hope they retired well in their life, but what happen to them now, huh?anyway we cld obtain their original CD's?any online purchase can be made?do you know the recording company that does their distribution? i m sure they hv some old left over for us die hard fans...