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Monday, August 4, 2008

Ah Beng Play Play in Britain

Sorry, I ... couldn't... resist... doing... this.

I don't know if you know, but the red telephone booth is one of the most easily recognisable British national symbol & popular icon in the world.

This red sanctuary my friend, is where Superman always changed into his underwear.

So since Metropolis doesn't exist, the London red telephone booths were good enough for me. It was as close to Superman as I could get - sort of like can dip a bit of his soya sauce also good enough.


Abdullah said...

Hey Greg!

Nice to see your enjoying your time back in the land where I grew up! :)

Really miss it there sometimes...

You can imagine what fasting month is like if it falls in summer can't you?...

Having the Petronas Philharmonic Orchestra playing Metallica in your tummy!

(Wait a minute... they already did that one?)

Heroes said...

Greg, what r u doing in the phone booth? making a call back to Malaysia kar?? haha

Don't tell me u want to follow superman to switch your garments to 'Cicak Man'??????

Greg Wee said...

Hey Abdullah, welcome back!

Hey Heroes, I was on a holiday so I didn't bring enough underwears for that.

Greg Wee said...

So I didn't 'transform'.