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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

An Artsy Outing

I think studying art is one of the coolest thing in the world. I know teaching it, is. Recently I brought my design foundation students out for a sketching trip. We didn't go far since it was their first experience out of the classroom. You'd have to let them take baby steps first you know. This is what they look like.
These were really new students, as fresh as freshies can get. If you think the prawns are fresh at Choice Daily, well, these just came out of the water.

These kids never did art before when they were in school & this was their very first time. It was pretty tough for me & for them as well cos as with all beginners, most of them lacked guidance & encouragement when they were younger & sort of gave up back then. So they sort of got stuck at the baby scribble level.

But hey, these students were really there & keen to learn... I hope. I also hope they realise how cool their class is.

I mean , how cool can you get with a class held at tHe Spring? And I'm not even talking about the air conditioning in there.

Look at that - my students hard at work. Don't they just look like Japanese anime characters?

Sketching real life people were different from sketching still models in the classrooms. Real people move & they don't pose for you. So you've got to be faster than the wind, faster than the shutter speed.

Art is hardwork. To achieve a certain level of skill, you'd need commitment, discipline & perserverance. They look so innocent. I really hope they know what they're getting themselves into.


Heroes said...

Greg, are you a lecturer at one of the college in Kuching?

Greg Wee said...

Oh no, my super secret identity is revealed! D'OH!