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Tuesday, August 12, 2008


This may sound like a typical Hollywood disaster movie but it's actually not.

At about 6.30pm yesterday, on a quiet Sunday evening, just like any other Sunday evening, the power suddenly went out.

Now, power trips are not something that is uncommon in Kuching. It happens all the time just before & during the elections.

Now the first few thoughts that came to my mind, no matter how illogical it sounded, was this, in the correct order:
1) Wow. Beijing Olympics must be really using up a lot of power.
2) Geez. Does this have anything to do with Anwar's Permatang Pauh by-elections?
3) Oh man, can't watch olympics tonight.

I thought it must have been some minor power trip somewhere. But my mother-in-law consulted her Foochow network in Sibu, & it seemed that the whole of Sarawak was affected. Some even claimed that the power plant in Bintulu had exploded. Wow. That would have made a good Hollywood movie.

This was a picture of me looking for the torch light.

This was what the whole of Kuching looked like at 8:00pm.

Sibu at 8:30pm.

Basically, the only places in Sarawak that were lit up were the airports, hospitals & Ting Pek Khing's house (T2). Believe me, I saw it with my own eyes.

Oh, before you go, there is actually a movie called Blackout. I checked.


Heroes said...

'KNNCCB'....It's actually came out from my mouth that night as I was sitting on my sofa with apple juice, potato chips and ready to watch the olympic swimming events....suddenly 'blackout'....

for almost 3 hours....'Si Beh Tu Lan!!!!'

William said...

Hi Heroes,

You shall be regret because you didn't listen my advise to replace the apple juice with beer and invite a girl to watch with you. Otherwise it will be a different story now.

Greg Wee said...

LOL Good one William! Heroes, you'd better heed the advice of this wise man.

Shower us with your counsel, O great one!