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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Demistifying Mr. Bean's Daughter

This is Gemma Atkinson, one of the top British lingerie model, actress, soon-to-be singer, & ta pau everything girl.

Well, the news is that she is the daughter of Mr. Bean. I know, I was celebrating merdeka with durians when I heard this, & I nearly chocked myself.

I mean look at Mr. Bean.

I'm sure you'd agree with me hands down that he is one of the most funniest, creative & ridiculous entertainer of this era, but those qualities don't necessarily have to correspond with good looks, & in his case, it didn't. At all.

I mean we're talking about a guy who has the tendency to look like this.

And worst still, God forbids, like this.

And his daughter actually looks like this??!!

Yeah, I know. I find it very hard to believe. Very hard. Pigs can fly & the sky will drop on our heads.

When I heard the news, two things immediately came to my mind:
1) She must have been adopted
2) Rowan Atkinson's wife must have had really strong & beautiful genes, & that somehow cancelled off Mr. Bean's.

I thought, poor Gemma. It must have been hard growing up. And that would have been really psychologically damaging for her.

But it was after all still very hard to swallow. So I went & did a bit of research, & it turns out that I didn't have to swallow nothing at all.

This is Lily Atkinson, the REAL daughter.

My two points still stand.


Abdullah said...

Looks like I'm in love again.. (with Gemma, not Lily!)

Greg Wee said...

Think of Mr. Bean's face, & tell me that again.

Abdullah said...

Thanks again greg,
I'll never look at her the same way again... sigh...

Greg Wee said...