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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

A Hectic Weekend

Sorry for not being able to post anything for the past few days. I understand it must have been difficult for you to past time without anything new to read here. For some of you, it must have been like a night without electricity & the Olympics. For the rest of you, it must have been like going to bed without food.

But of course, like always, I'm only exaggerating about the greatness of my blog. You probably didn't even notice.

Anyway, the reason why I was so busy during the weekends was cos I was invited to judge a competition. It's something like what Kenny Sia did for the Malaysian Dream Girl Contest.

But of course, I am not Kenny Sia, & the contest was not like the Malaysian Dream Girl in any remote way at all. Ever.

I was thinking very hard about how to make this contest judging sound as cool as Kenny Sia's. But looking at the participants, I have to admit that it's impossible even though there were some futile attempts at posing.
Ok, here's what it really was.

It was a colouring competition for little kids at tHe Spring, the WHOLE DAY on Saturday.

Me giving a prize to a confused little kid.

I wish I had taken more photos of those kids. Some of them were truly professional. They even brought their own tables & chairs. Rumours had it that these kids would sweep any colouring competition in town dry. Their main aim is the top 3 prize money, otherwise, they'd really get it from their parents. I shudder whenever I think about this.

But the saving grace was that some of them were just there to have fun. There is still hope for the future of the world!


Heroes said...

haha....well done Judge Greg.... r u the ONLY judge there for the competition?

Unfortunately I was not in Kuching, if not I will be one of the judges too...hahahah.. Me.. 'Si Ai Bin'

Greg Wee said...

Hey, it's a lot of pressure man. Imagine standing there sorting out the entries, with the parents waiting with folded arms & a frown. I think I added quite a few grey hairs onto the back of my head. My entire lifespan was probably shorten by a few minutes.

Abdullah said...

Hey..The Spring!!! Man, I really miss Kuching...

Greg Wee said...

tHe Spring is a really nice place for the Kuching people to come together as a community to enjoy the aircond & sightseeing.