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Saturday, August 30, 2008

Money No Enough 2

This is not a Hokkien Karaoke Video review. Just so that you know, Ah Beng's World has certain standards to upkeep ok.

Money No Enough 2 is the sequel to Jack Neo's biggest Singaporean breakout hit of the same name 10 years ago. It created waves not only in Singapore, but also in neighbouring Malaysia as well. A large part of its success was its ability to deal with issues that were real & close to the normal people in a humourous & often at times, ridiculous ways.

How timely. 10 years later, in one full economic cycle, it has returned. Although this sequel may not be as fresh as the first one, it should still be interesting to watch as the issues are very relevant to today's economic downturn.

I thought this promotional public announcement 'trailer' was interesting.

Go watch it & tell me how it is. Playing now in theatres across the country.

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