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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

No More Rape!

After what happened to my car the other day, I decided to take action. Well, actually it's nothing big. It was just something simple that everybody does that I should have done everytime, that I didn't.

After the harrowing experience for my car (it went through a lot - depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, & all the psychological ailments that you can find in the book, & all that, plus some more), I am now making sure that I take careful precaution everytime I leave my car at the parking lot.

I thought about it long & hard, & I even seriously considered what Mr. Bean would have done to lock up his little Mini.

And I also really believed that Heroes' suggestion to chain up the car to a tree might actually work there, for a second. In the end, it all came back to simplicity.

Now, it looks like my car has a chastity belt on. I really hope it works.

Well, in the event that it doesn't, at least I can be at peace knowing that I've done everything that I'm supposed to.


Abdullah said...

Your car's chastity belt looks mean, man... No more "me lup yoo long time" huh? ;)

Greg Wee said...

I don't know whether it'll work, but I really hope they won't try to feel up my car again.

Heroes said...

Yeah my suggestion was good but it would need to park near a tree or just to be more easy chain up together with your friends or colleague car... how about that? :-)

I would suggest you buy the type of lock which locked your steering together onto the dashboard. If you want to use this type, do lock it to your oil pad and not to your break pad..

Greg Wee said...

At this point, I'm very tempted to take the bus but I just remembered that the State govt doesn't give a hoot about improving our public transportation.