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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Run Ah Beng Run!

After having a gut-wrenching experience, & taking an advice from my good friend Eng Hean, I decided to start my jogging routine once again.

This is where I jog.

For 50 sen, I could run a 1.6km (1 mile) track which snakes its way through an authentic rainforest setting. At certain times, if you're lucky, you might spot a squirrel or a monkey up in the trees. And if you're really, really, lucky, you might see a snake slithering across the path. If that happens then you can head towards the nearest 6D shop afterwards.

I used to be an avid jogger, running something like 2-3 times a week. I always made sure to cap it at two rounds, which translates into 3.2km or 2 miles for each time I run. This made sure that I don't spend too much time at the park. The thing with jogging is that it could get addictive at times & easily turn into something like a 2-hour marathon, if you're not careful.

I used to clock around 16 mins for 2 miles.

That's not entirely a Watson Nyambek. It'd be something more like a tortoise on hyperspeed.

Today, I almost died after completing one measly round. Today, I felt that almost everyone was zooming past me, including the aunties. One grandma went toe to toe with me but I managed to edge her into the bush.

I really need to get a new pair of nikes. I need to attain top speed to beat grandma.


Heroes said...

Greg, this post remind me that I have not exercise for a very long time, even in Kuching also... only badminton once a week but in KL, totally none...

Tummy getting bigger and walk a certain distance could feel tired.... is it a sign of old age, that's what I am thinking??? BTW, I m not that old yet lar... lack of exercise... that's the culprit....hehehe..

I did bought a pair of jogging shoes in KL but until now still place nicely in the box!! Grr..... Super Tulan when I read this post..... REMINDER...REMINDER... hahahahaha....

Greg Wee said...

Maybe you should spend more money & get your own customised shoes with your name on it like what Kenny Sia did. The need to show it off might very well make you wanna go running.

Abdullah said...

Way to go edging Granma into a bush...Gimme Five man!!!

Greg Wee said...

Here's FIVE