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Thursday, September 4, 2008

UMNO Fried Chicken

Sorry I got the two piece of news mixed up.

This one was on the front page of almost all the major newspapers in town.

But I was distracted by this instead.

It's about time KFC came up with something new cos it's spicy chicken is getting very bland & tasteless.

I was all excited for this new herby recipe, but at the same time, a bit apprehensive.

I've had my share of bad chicken at KFC. Sometimes certain outlets keep their unsold chicken in their ovens to keep warm instead of frying new ones when you order. And obviously that tastes bad cos the skin is already soggy & the meat has dried & hardened.

But I'm glad, I got the new ones. It's a good combination between spicy & herby.

I have been turned off by KFC for a long time. But this has turned me on again.

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Abdullah said...

Fasting month laaaa... wanna try lei...