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Friday, September 5, 2008


This is about the most useless, time-wasting & senseless thing that you can put on your blog site. Thanks to Akatsukiotoko, I'm now hooked onto it.

It's basically a clock with dancing girls plus music. If you log onto their website here, you can actually do a quick setup & copy-paste the coding onto your blog.

Do not ask me what this is for. I am as puzzled as you are.

Well, it's pretty obvious that it's there to tell the time.

Other than that, the dancing girls are a mystery.

Maybe they're there to make sure that you keep watching the clock tick.

It worked for me.

This is senseless entertainment at its best. You can spend hours (pun intended) just staring at the clock, & the dancers, cos you never know what might come out next.

Blue dustballs actually came out of the elevator. Don't look at me.

It's scenes like this that makes you wonder what's coming up next.

And if you wait long enough, the dancing girls will surely appear without fail & do their thing.

Oh look! It's bird bird flying flying.

And love hearts! Awwwww....

Uhh, ok. This one's a bit scary. You don't want to see this in the middle of the night.

I have to salute the Japanese. They're good. They've got my respect for creating something with no intrinsic value but utterly addictive. That's what you call real art.

Try it. It's fun & it's better than watching TV.


Ciaklat !!! said...

Japanese are famous for inventing stuff like tat....but I disagree when you said it's better than watching T V.

You don't have Discovery channel meh?? Hahahaha....


WoMbOk™♂ said...


I saw this too, but strangely enough I lost interest after the 3rd clip.

Abdullah said...

Gotta try it out...
Kinda like a wholesome yet creepy voyeur entertainment...