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Saturday, October 18, 2008

Hanging Out at Kenyalang Park: Part 2

The Kenyalang Park Wet Market has been around for quite some time.

I can't really remember what the uncle there told me, but I think it was built sometime in the mid-90s thereabouts, more or less. Plus or minus.

In my days of youth, I usually hung out at the Petanak Market cos they had good food at night & into the wee hours of the morning. The Keo Chap Bee Hoon, Porridge & sugar cane drinks were to die for. So was the sugar cane stall's owner's daughter.

But I had never been to the Kenyalang Wet Market before. I know, it sounds pathetic.

So naturally, when I brought my students over for a sketching trip, I didn't really know whether it would meet our expectations.

I wasn't talking about the food of course. We were after something more visually simulating & aesthetically more interesting.

From the wet market, you can see the surrounding Kenyalang Park houses. If not for the recent ammendment in the land renewal rates, the owners would have lost their land titles.

And what you'd see here would have been something else instead. In place of these beautiful & colourful rooftops would be a white multi-million ringgit turn key project - Telekom University.

But for now, the battle has been won, & things will remain the same. For now.

This is one of the frequent fixtures at the market.

For some reason, the uncle repeatedly kept asking me to take a photo of the dog's teeth. I obliged of course.

Before I left, my wife managed to get me to buy a bunch of veges for dinner.


Abdullah said...

The sugar-cane stall owner's daughter eh?...

You ever got round to asking her out? ;)

Greg Wee said...

No, her boyfriend was always there, unless you wanna get beaten up by the sugar cane stick nunchakus. It was just eye candy.

Heroes said...

wow... those were the days..... her cute pretty sweet face still fresh in my mind... we always asked her to sit and drink with us but she just smile.... whenever I were there, minimum 3 glasses of sugar cane!

Now she married to that guy always there and her husband is one of the owner of the snooker centre at Chonglin Park, Tabuan Road if I m not mistaken.

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