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Sunday, October 19, 2008

Hanging Out at Kenyalang Park: Part 3

The Chinese are known to be very practical people. If some firstborn grandson draws, dances, sings or plays the piano for grandpa, then the old folks would be really worried. Like that can make money meh? You'd better stop it & go read some books.

Practicality runs through the blood of every Chinese. To save time, which converts into money earned, they talk fast, think fast & work fast. There's no dilly dally-ing, hanky panky-ing, merry-go-round-ing, nor beating around the bush-ing. It's just a straight line that gets you directly from point A to point B.
One example of that would be how they name their businesses.

Ah Ho is the owner & the cook. What does he sell? Kueh Chap. Therefore, Ah Ho Kueh Chap.

What does Khiang Khiang sell? Laksa. Therefore, Khiang Khiang Laksa.

Owner's name + Product = new sign board.

Then there are the other more imaginative ones which squeezes out words that have got nothing with what they're selling.

It doesn't matter what they're selling, with a name like that, the wind & the water will flow in eternal balance, & money will come.


Abdullah said...

My business name = Soon Too Fatt


Greg Wee said...

Do not mock the powers of the metaphysical my friend. Be forewarned, it may just come true!

Abdullah said...

I think you're right... I'm already feeling their powers on my tight belt...

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