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Saturday, October 11, 2008

Sharing is Caring

I'm sure you've heard the old saying - Sharing is Caring.

Well, since I care about my readers, I've decided to share what I had for breakfast this morning with you.

It's a bagel sandwich which my wife made. It comes with fresh lettuce, ham & cream cheese.

Just look at the cream cheese. It's the same ones used to make good quality cheese cakes you know. Don't play play.

So far, I'm having a good day. I just got another cheque from Nuffnang in the mail.

Don't you just HATE me? (^_^)


Heroes said...

Wow... sedapnya... is it the turkey ham which you buy from Choice Daily, Tabuan Laru? hahaha... but I don't like cheese... As for me, normally I will put turkey ham and tuna in mayonnaise...

Joyce said...

wah, the burger makes me hungry.. it's 7:30pm now, outside raining heavily and i'm still at office.

Greg Wee said...

Heroes, you know where to get the good stuff don't you?
Joyce, has bagels invaded KL yet?

NEE said...

Heroes, this is beng's wife. yes turkey ham is from choice but my word of advice is.. ham is much much fresher and cleaner at Cold Storage and variety is much better too. I try not to get my ham from choice unless i am in a hurry because it is near our place.

Abdullah said...

It's nice to finally meet you (so to speak)... I really admire your handiwork..maybe I can sample some next time I drop by Kuching ;)


Heroes said...

Beng's wife, thanks for your value advice. BTW, seldom see you voice out here...maybe my words has inspired you??? :-)

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