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Thursday, November 13, 2008

PART 2: What the...?

One of the thing that annoys me is when someone else do not squeeze the toothpaste properly. I'm sorry to say but my wife does that.

Every morning when I see the toothpaste, it looks like it was punched in the face, right in the middle of the tube. You must think I must be very free to show you all these pictures. But you see, I'm trying to make a point here.

But fear not, there is hope & salvation for the physically abused.

Behold! The toothpaste guard! And only for RM2.00!

Before this starts sounding like an advert, which it is not, my Dad was the one who saw this & bought it for me. I think he got it at some One-Stop Discount Store somewhere.

It's very simple to use - just slip it on like your shorts & you're ready to go.

Now, I'm hoping that she won't squeeze the front of the guard piece.


Abdullah said...

Fantastic analogy on the toothpaste man... I couldn't stop laughing!

Btw, my wife does the same thing with the tube....What is it with women and not being able to squeeze from the bottle huh?

Abdullah said...

I meant from the bottom...dunno how i managed to type bottle...hehehehe

Greg Wee said...

Yeah I know. I'm just glad I don't have the toilet seat issue with my wife. she doesn't mind.

Joyce said...

haha, my case and urs is terbalik lar.. my hubby is the one that squeeze in the middle!!

I bought one toothpaste holder from bangkok (RM 10+), but it's not very user friendly lar, urs is better and cheaper!!

Greg Wee said...

It looks like Bangkok people have problems with abused toothpaste tubes as well.

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