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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Another Bloody Water

I was drinking this in Melbourne & I thought it was just another bottle of water like any... until I took a good look at the bottle. Holy Molly. It was just another bloody water!

This company must have paid a bloody lot of money for the bloody copywriters.

Unlike the other water bottle packaging, this one is devoid of colours & graphics, & was just so full of text. I could have copied the text & typed it out nicely for this post. But the truth of the matter is that I'm lazy.

It makes bloody good companion, whenever you're bloody thristy, & when you're waiting for bloody someone at a bloody train station, & when you forget your bloody book, then you can pass the bloody time reading the bloody words on the bloody bottle.


Jys said...

wuahahahahhaa....funny lar...

Abdullah said...

Bloody heck!
This is bloody good stuff! why doesn't the bloody government bloody sell something like this over here! It's bloody unfair is what it bloody is!

Bloody hehehehehehehehehe!!!!

Greg Wee said...

You know, the similarity between the Brits & the Aussies is bloody.

Greg Wee said...
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