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Saturday, January 10, 2009

I Want My Yuna Ito!

One of my new resolutions this year is to keep myself up to date on the JPOP music scene & it hasn't been easy.

I've been trying to look for Yuna Ito's album but nobody seemed to know who she is. So I walked into the CD shop & I told the girl I wanted Yuna Ito. And she shoved this to my face.

But I've got Ayumi already. I'm looking for Yuna Ito.
How about this?

That's Hikaru. I've got that one too.
How about BoA? Good Japanese singer! Very popular! Can explode!

But she's Korean! And I don't want to explode.
Oh ok! I know what you want!

WOW. Like I really want this right now. NOT.

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