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Saturday, February 2, 2008

The Sushi King Adventure

I was invited as a blogger to the Opening Ceremony of Sushi King on Wednesday. It was an interesting experience for me as this is the first time ever that I attended an event as a blogger, & as part of the press. Finally, this long kau kia is heading somewhere! Yerrdayy. Read about it here & here.

The next morning after the event, there was a big ad in Borneo Post about the ceremony.

And guess what? I was in it. Well, at least my back was.

This is it. The world now knows my name. I will never be able to go shopping in town without being recognised & mugged by crazed fans. I am now on par with Whacko Jacko. I am now famous. Or at least my back is.

On the whole, it was a nice event & I got to meet a few old friends.

Alphonsus the videographer.

I've known this guy for quite sometime but never got to know his name. He's a full-time freelance photographer now & he does corporate shoots. Oh, his name is Julio (Thanks Gette).

Silas the event organiser & lead singer of local band Evenstarr. We hosted a radio show together once upon a time. Even though I sucked, they let me do it for 3 years. You can see how he went on to become a singing sensation, and I, on the other hand, became a reclusive invisible blogger, with zero advertising revenues, with random readers who only drop by when there's nothing better to read.

That's why people decline me when I want to take their photos. You can't blame them. Who wants to be associated with an unknown blog. But then again, I am famous now. It's gonna be different from now on. People will beg me to have their pictures taken! MUAHAHAHAHA


Since politeness didn't work, I switched to the papparazzi-wildlife photographer get-whatever-you-can-take technique.

Andrea from Eastern Times. She didn't even notice. She was just busy swallowing sushi.

And of course, Georgette from Borneo Post. She looks like a happy bunny.

Sushi King gave me a bag of goodies to take home. I was so excited, expecting some ta-pau sushi inside. But of course, it wasn't there.

Goodies from the goodie bag.

So that we are reminded of Sushi King when working.

Woohoo! Can eat 2-3 plates of sushi!

So that we are reminded everyday of Sushi King.

Woohoo! 10% discount card!

Hey, maybe I can put the coupon into one of these angpow giveaways. Anybody lucky enough will get it from me. But RM10 is quite a lot of money. Maybe I should tear it into half & split them into two ang pows.

With that, I can now eat, drink, sleep, work & live Sushi King.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Much Ado About Nothing

I felt so hungry right before dinner just now. But the only thing that I could find in the fridge was this.

Santa Claus chocolate!

And Frosty the Snowman!

Awww. So cute.

They were little gifts from my boss, who came back from her holidays somewhere. That was way back in December I think. I had them in the fridge all the while but never really wanted to eat them cos they looked too good.

But just then, it was a different story. I was dying of hunger. It was either them or me. So I ripped the wrapper off.

Uncle Xmas never looked as naked as this before. I really didn't know how to react to a naked man. This was my first time. Recovering from my shock, I bit his head off.

To my horror, he was still talking. So I did what I had to do. I did the Cookie Monster on him.

(For those of you Sesame Street fans, you might remember how the Cookie Monster eat the cookies. Because he was just a muppet & couldn't really eat, he smashed them into his mouth)

With Uncle Santa gone, my hunger still wasn't appeased. My attention turned to Mr. Snowman. He tried using psychology.

He was smart, and quick. He pulled off a Mission Impossible mask removal trick.

But I wasn't stupid. I was hungry.

There. Can you believe it? I actually wrote a blog about that, which is basically about nothing. Sienfield would have been proud of me.

Monday, January 28, 2008

Driving in Kuching at Night

This is an email from an associate of mine which I received just this morning. It is very disturbing that this kind of thing is happening in Kuching.

I've always thought that this only happens in movies, where a normal everyday guy & family is being taunted by a road bully by chance, which forces him to take matters into his own hands, hunts down the road bully and his gang, one by one. At the end, like a hero with blood stains & cuts, he walks away from the explosion.

But that only happens in the movies. This, is real life.
(This is copied & pasted directly from his email. Read on.)

Hi All, Just to share what happened to us last Saturday night. We were on our way back, nearing the 3rd mile traffic lights, when we could hear an extremely loud engine car noise coming near us, and a yellow Satria with a black front hood bearing Wilayah number plates (wish I had seen the whole number plate and remembered it) overtook us sharply, causing me to brake, and I immediately pressed my horn.

I was driving my wife's car. The Satria turned into the road to the Buddhist Temple and SIB church, forgot the name of the road... and we continued. Apparently he was waiting for us and tried to ram into the side of our car, I avoided and he tried again and then turned sharply into Hui Sing Garden.

I was with my wife and son (at the back) and he could clearly see there was a child in the car yet tried to ram us because we horned him for sharply overtaking us. He was with a young girl and both were not wearing seat belts and both were having fun at our expense.

Interestingly, my wife was the calmer one because I wanted to stop and have a few words with the guy. My wife raised a few questions,
1. The police, non existent and even if we made a report, most probably nothing would come out of it, and we would be marked by these boy racers.
2. If the car had collided, my wife asked me, do you think he will pay for the damages?
3. If we stopped, most probably I would end up being assaulted... and no one would help (a student of mine was beaten up by a boy racer just a week ago with a bat)
4. The boy racers in Kuching are well known yet the police has done nothing, so what do I expect to do alone.

So we travelled back, trying to calm our nerves after that incident. Its very frustrating to see society breaking down with no proper policing and development of our youths. I could go on and on about my views of the police and the degeneration of our society, but I think I better not... ha ha ha. At least I learnt something... if I want to be safe, let those idiots be... sad very sad