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Saturday, February 16, 2008

Billboard Proposal

You guys must have read this:

Billboard proposal: Ad man David Tan came up with a unique marriage proposal. He spent RM40,000 on a billboard and RM14,000 on a diamond ring to pop the question to his girlfriend Kelly Tan on Valentine’s Day. – KAMARUL ARIFFIN / The Star

Now, what else is there left for the other guys to do to impress their girlfriends? How can you top this? The amount of money that guy spent is equivalent to what most people earn in a year.

He has changed the status quo. He has just upped the price for a proposal in the matrimonial market.

Previously, a girl would go crazy when a guy gives a one carat diamond ring. Now, because of Mr. Ad man, you'll probably hear something like this from your girlfriend, "But Kelly Tan Ee Li got a RM14K diamond ring AND A RM40K BILLBOARD!"

Now, for the guys, please tell me this. When you look back at the photo again, do you feel like "Awww, shucks! How sweet!" or do you feel like giving him a good slap?

Heheh, nolah. Of course we're happy for them both. But this is called spoiling the market. To top this now, other guys would have to propose with their own TV commercials.

Friday, February 15, 2008

Ah Beng Play Macau & Hong Kong

I just realised why we call trump cards Macau Pai (Macau cards) in Hokkien.

I will be writing about my Macau & Hong Kong trip over the days to come. Most (not all) of my posts will be on my other blog Greg & Nee on the Go! However, I will keep a table of content here below for your easy reference. It will be updated daily with links to new entries. So you can always come back to this page on a daily basis to check out the updates.

Day 1 (Jan 8, 2008):
1) The Journey to Macau
2) Macau: The Land of the Free
3) Macau: The Quest for Food Begins

Day 2 (Jan 9, 2008):
1) Macau: A Failed Quest
2) Turbo Jetting to Hong Kong
3) The Arrival of 3 Celebrity Bloggers in Hong Kong
4) Our First Grand Opening
5) Hong Kong in a Day
Novotel Century Hotel Hong Kong
7) The Hong Kong International Toy Fair Fast Forward
8) Double Whammy Wonton
9) The Posh Lan Kwai Fong
10) A Very Merry Ferry Ride at Night with Lights NEW!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Whacko Jacko is Back-o!

Remember the guy who used to be black, then he became white, and then I think he got confused, so he sang Black or White?

Remember the guy who sleeps in an oxygen chamber & plays with chimps & little children, & his nose kept dropping off?

And then remember this?

There's even a game that you can play. Michael drops the baby & you catch it.

I think even my grandma remembers.

Grandma: Oh! Hee ko hia! Tiaw boo kana ang kao teeok balachan!
(Oh, that guy! He dances like a monkey on belachan.)

He is the the Moonwalker. He is the King of Pop & Pepsi. He is Michael Jackson. And I think in a way, he is back!

Well, at least his album is anyway. I mean the re-issue of his landmark album, Thriller 25. It's the 25th anniversary edition & it came out yesterday.

I've been hearing a few singles on Hitzfm & they sounded great, particularly Akon's version of Wanna Be Startin' Something.

The others are so so lah - Kanye-produced remix of "Billie Jean"; Will.I.Am's reworkings of "The Girl Is Mine" and "P.Y.T."; Fergie's version of "Beat It"; an outtake from the original Thriller sessions called "For All Time"; "Someone in the Dark"; "Carousel"; and the original "Billie Jean" demo.

Cool cover.
Woooooo. Heeeeeeheeee. Dahhhhh. Schhhh-mo.
Grab crotch + hold hat + moonkick.

To boot, there's also a DVD encompassing the related Thriller short films, Jackson's Emmy-nominated performance of "Billie Jean" during the "Motown 25: Yesterday, Today, Forever" TV special and more.

BTW, did you know that Eddie Van Halen was the one who played the guitar in Beat It? Cool eh?

Boy, I am now really curious. How does he look like now? Not like this I hope!

I don't know what in the world he is singing about.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

A Police Story in Hong Kong

Jackie Chan probably made the Royal Hong Kong Police look like superheroes in his movies.

In Malaysia, we also had something like that from the Six Million Dollar Yusof Haslam.

(However I do not think this sucky poster helps improve the
tarnished image of the Royal Malaysian Police force)

As usual with most movies, both of them couldn't be further from the truth. Hong Kong police cannot fly. And Malaysian police are not gerak-ing at all, what more to say gerak khas.

Hong Kong today is a very different place. It is clean. It is safe. People are polite, considerate & law abiding. Women can wait for buses & walk home alone safely at night. This is because in Hong Kong, the police are everywhere, and most importantly, they are doing their job.

In Malaysia, even staying inside your own home is not safe. Well, in Hong Kong it's a very different picture.

Wherever there's people, the police is also there. And you'll always be glad to see them.

And the police actually look like police. That's because they walk, and that keeps them fit. (I never knew that police can look like that. I grew up with the image of pot-bellied moustached policemen who goes around asking for driver's licence, and more)

Look, they've even got police directing people traffic!

In Malaysia, the only time we see the police pose like that
is when they're asking for IC, and more.

Back home, the only kind of police that you'll see are the traffic police. It's usually towards the end of the month that they start to appear, popping up from nowhere like mushrooms after the rain. They look like they're on a charity-drive.

And when you see them, you are filled with trepidation & wariness, not that you've done something wrong, but that they may just stop you for no reason, just because they think your car looks big, or you look rich, or maybe because your gaji is already out.

In Hong Kong, the police means business.

When they give you a ticket, they really give you the ticket.

You do not bargain. You do not speak when you're not spoken to. The police writes the summon, you take it quietly.

This Ah Beng really got it good.

On the contrary in Malaysia, being caught by the police is like being at the Sunday Market. Anything also can bargain.