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Friday, May 9, 2008

The Speed Racer: Do We Need Another One?

Many of you out there might have grown up with this anime called The Speed Racer.

Well, if you have, that's good for you. I suspect the majority of Americans had the privilege to watch the dubbed series when it was shown over the American TV networks, a long time ago in the 60/70s.

Dang those Kuching potholes!

Well, we're not so lucky down here in the tropics. The only Speed Racer that we know is this.

Malaysia Boleh Rempit racer.

Now that the live action remake is playing in the cinemas now, I don't know what to make of it.

The characters sure looks cartoony.

Holy Mat Rempit. Is he racing or is he delivering Big Macs?

Look at that. Christina Ricci even have big anime eyes.

Hey look again. Nicholas Teo is in the movie as well. I don't know what the heck he's doing there though.

Oops! My mistake, it's actually Rain heheheh.

Well, I'm sure kids would love the movie. And it'll sell lots of toy cars.

The only thing that gives me a bit of confidence in this film are the reclusive Warchowski brothers. Do not be mislead by their less-than-intelligent appearance.

So far, whatever films that had anything to do with them have become huge box office successes.

It's like whatever that dipped into their soya sauce will turn into gold.

Well, unlike the younger generation of today, I don't go to the cineplex anymore. So I can't tell you how this movie will turn out. Unless of course if Star Cineplex or Metrowealth cinema gave me complimentary tickets. But you see, that will never happen because I'm neither Kenny Sia nor Georgette Tan. For now, I'd wait patiently for the DVD to come out even though by then mushrooms would have grown out of my ears.

Watch the Trailer.

Mr Manager Meets Mr Minister

(If there was an award for the best corny blog title, this would be the winner)

You'll know a person is a bigshot when the car he drives is more expensive than the house you live in.

And this same bigshot will also eat in a restaurant where the cost of one meal is equivalent to your whole month's budget for food.

And when a bigshot flies, he flies First Class. As for the rest of us, we fly on tickets that cost as much as an express bus ride.

Well, this is a very different story of a bigshot in Malaysia. The original article was written by Ning Baizura's manager Vernon Kedit on his blog here. Read on...

Friday, May 02, 2008

As Ning and I were lining up to board our flight to Penang on Wednesday afternoon, I spotted a familiar face standing in front of us in the queue. So I whispered to Ning.

Me: Look in front of us. It's Guan Eng.
Ning: Who?
Me: YAB Mr. Lim Guan Eng, the Chief Minister of Penang.
Ning: No lah.
Me: Yes lah! I know how he looks lah. It's the CM lah.
Ning: Takkan CM jalan sorang sorang. If he's the CM, where's the bodyguards and the officers and the rombongan and kaum kerabat?
Me: Tak percaya? Watch and learn.

So I walked up to Yang Amat Berhormat, introduced myself and asked to take a picture. He smiled and obliged.
YAB CM: Hey, I know you! You're Ning Baizura!
Ning: YAB Lim, good afternoon.
YAB CM: Come, come, we take a picture. Vernon, here's my card. Email me the pictures OK.
Me: Definitely, sir.

Ambik kau. CM pun peminat katanya!
Ning and I really felt honoured. But we felt more surprised that the Chief Minister of a state was travelling all by himself like any normal rakyat jelata. But the biggest surprise in store for us was yet to come.As usual, we sat in First Class. I expected the CM to be seated somewhere in front of us but then I realised he wasn't in First Class. Where did he disappear to???I popped my head round the curtain that veils First Class and Economy Class and guess who I saw sitting in the front row seat of Economy quietly reading the newspapers?

YAB Mr. Lim, you have my deepest respect. You have made history by being the first Chief Minister in this country to sit in Economy Class whilst in office as Chief Minister. You really mean what you say when you talk about cost-cutting. Sir, you have shown me leadership by example.Of course I asked permission to take his picture sitting in Economy and he laughed. And I said I'd blogged about it and he laughed some more, and gave permission. Ketua Menteri yang berjiwa rakyat.

Thanks to Philip's Dream Team for highlighting this to me. The Star online has also picked up this article. It's one of the perfect examples of the mainstream media trying to 'catch up' with the alternative media. Unfortunately, for their own convenience, they took out the reference to Vernon's blog from the photos & it got him fuming mad! Then The Star had to apologise. This is another lesson for the mainstream media. Don't play play with bloggers I tell you. Bloggers got power.

I hope Vernon doesn't get fuming mad at me... Mr. Manager Vernon Sir, don't angry angry hah. I borrow borrow only.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Jawaiian Reggae: Micro (Def Tech)

Jawa-what? The first thing that came into my mind was this.

Jawa the Hut???

Fortunately, this blog entry has got nothing to do with that slug. Incidentally, I was writing about Yuna Ito last nite when I saw this dude in the music video with her.

Crap! I should have eaten papaya last nite.

Yes, I've said it before & I'll say it again. He does look like he's having constipation.

So out of curiosity, I googled the dude & found out that his name is Micro, & he's from a Hawaiian indie group called Def Tech. Their brand of music has been called Jawaiian Reggae which mixes Japanese rap with Hawaiian & Japanese influences. Lots of positivism, lots of energy, clean, fresh sound, & it has a bit of the Californian feel, the beach, the summer holidays, cruising on the highway. This is definitely one band worth checking out.

Hana Uta

High on Life - This one sounds like Bare Naked Ladies.

Monday, May 5, 2008

JPOP: Yuna Ito

It's been a while since I wrote about JPOP. It's not everyday that you can find anything really worthwhile to write about. And as with all good things, they come only when you least expect them to.

I came across this singer just tonite on Youtube by accident.

I'm a bit out of touch with JPOP & am a bit ignorant of the latest Pop-py trends. It's a sign of growing old, when other things actually become more important than MTV.

Anyway, I thought that this was quite refreshing. It was as exciting as when I first found out about Ayaka Hirahara.

Yuna Ito is a half Korean/Japanese American who lives in Hawaii. Check out her music videos.

This is her single called Urban Mermaid. Please listen on. I can guarantee that you'll find some inspiring meaning from it even though it's in Japanese.

If you're already revved up & ready to march to the streets from the last clip, this one's gonna make you go out & hug everyone.

It's a great song but one thing's bugging me. Who's that tanned dude who sings like he's got constipation?

This is probably how I look like every morning in the toilet.

I mean this is Yuna Ito that we're talking about here. There's no way any unknown basketball/surfer slacker by the roadside can sing with her.

More... soon.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Manly Project 2: Pimp My Ride

My wife collects exercise machines. The reason why I say this is because she buys them, uses them for a few times, & then they sit there & become museum exhibits.

This was her very first.

It's a stepper, & it was simple, compact & easy to use. It's supposed to simulate stair-climbing action.

Then came this monster.

It's a double-action cycling-ski machine. It was fully utilised & subjected to all kinds of exercise rigour, including violent abuse by children who came to the house. And pretty soon something inside went KA-TWANG.
Now, the problem with most exercise machine shops in Kuching is that they do not carry spare parts. So as we looked for the new strap, the machine sat there in the corner gathering dust, cobwebs & growing mushrooms.

We found the strap only after about one year plus.

And the immediate task was to transfer the spring hook from the old strap (left) to the new one (right).

Now, theoretically, it sounds like an easy task. All I had to do was to use my IKEA pliers to pry the spring coil out of the strap.

But doing it was another matter. I swear, that was the toughest son-of-a-nut that I've ever tried to crack. I couldn't even bend it a little. It made me feel like a wimp.

But of course I had other ways of persuasion, & it came out in the end.

To force the spring hook into the new strap, I had to snip off one of the strap's corner as it was too thick.

At this point, I stopped to recollect my thoughts. Hey, I was literally fixing a machine. Doesn't that make make me like one of those guys in MTV's Pimp My Ride?

Cool. My all-male testesterone surged beyond control. I was strong, & I was all man. And the rest was easy breezy.

Hook it up...

strap it on...

& we're ready to rock & roll, & cycle all the way to Pekan Tondong. But that didn't happen.

Instead, my wife bought another machine.

It's a stepper, with twisting motion.

It comes with the typical control panel that lets you monitor your calories etc.

And it also comes with hand-stretch cables.

Guess where this new machine is now?

It's the store room.