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Saturday, May 17, 2008

Evolution of the Human Species: Parkour

We as the human species are forever evolving.

I don't think we'll ever evolve into an X-Men so soon but it is a fact that atheletes have been pushing the physical boundaries of the human limits ever since the beginning of time.

One of the coolest physical activities to come out of this century would have to be this.

Impressed? You can pick up your jaw & your eyeballs off the floor now.

This is called Parkour. It's acually a very hippy hoppy trendy kinda urban activity that caught on in France during the late 90s.

It was all started by this David Belle guy.

It's also called free running & urban jumping, in case it comes out in your exam.

The history & the philosophy behind this whole thing is really interesting. You can read it here.

I don't think this sport ever caught on here in Malaysia. Cos I've been looking around at the kids in here, and all they ever do is this:


And Camwhoring

I don't know these people seriously. I just grabbed this picture off some random blog.

And the closest thing that I could find to Parkour in Malaysia is this:

It's not very comforting to know that only monkeys do Parkour-ing.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Beating Around the Bush

I think this must be the most embarassing thing that I have ever seen in my whole entire life, & the rest of my life to come.

Mr. George Bush has said many less than intelligent things in the past, but this has got to top it all. This gets the cigar.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Things That Messes With Your Mind

It is a scientific fact that our left brain processes logic while our right brain handles the creative side of things. But I guess in cases like these, everything goes haywire.

You get the drift yet? Try looking at it again for a longer time.

Those buggers up there look like coffee beans & they're alive!!!

Psychedelic baby. Very the Austin Powers.

I think I need Panadol now...