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Friday, May 23, 2008

The Evolution of the Human Species: Tony Jaa

When this movie first came out, it quickly shot up to become a super box-office hit & became sort of the National Anthem of Thailand.

And of course Tony Jaa became their National Hero.

Ask any Thai kid what do they wanna be when they grow up. It's not gonna be a lawyer, doctor or engineer. All of them wanna be Tony Jaa.

You see, Tony Jaa was very different from the rest.

Thai actors usually look like this...

or like this.

Despite the fact that he didn't shave,
he still has legions of fans.

But when you look like this,

you'd think that the only career you'd ever have in the movie industy would be as a waterboy or at best, a comic relief character... even after you shave.

But Tony Jaa could do what no one else can.

He could fly.

I really don't think this guy is human....

I've always thought that Thai Kick Boxing was a very basic kind of martial art. I've always thought that it wasn't worth learning cos all you do is learn how to do one type of punch & one type of kick.

I mean look at this picture, they're so happy & lame.
Something is very wrong.

I mean when we were young, who wanted to learn Thai Kick Boxing? Bruce Lee didn't do Thai Kick Boxing.
Neither did Jet Li.

Nor Jackie Chan

It seemed that the ony people who did Thai Kick Boxing were tranvestites.

And there was one more thing. In the 80s we were all fooled by this.
Every adolescent teenage boy wanted to be Ralph Macchio in Karate Kid.

You see, he gets to do cool moves like this with Mr. Miyagi.

And he gets the girl in the end.

Nobody in the right mind wanted to be like this.

If I knew then what I know about Thai kickboxing now, the things that Tony Jaa can do, I would have learned this a long time ago in the days of my youth.

Now at this age, it's much too late. Don't get me wrong, the will is strong but the body just cannot move.

Hello from Singapore!

Hi Everyone!

I've just arrived at Singapore Harbourfront after 5 days in the Straits of Malacca & Andaman Sea. No, I wasn't kidnapped by pirates but was on the Star Cruise Super Aquarius with Nee. We were like farm animals. We slept, woke up to eat. Slept again. Woke up to wash ourselves, then eat again.

We're now at Starbucks. Singapore internet speed is blazing fast. We're heading back to turtle speed Malaysia tonite. Will be posting again soon tonite.