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Thursday, May 29, 2008

The Magic Realism of Rob Gonsalves

I found this on the internet quite by accident as I always do. It's a series of fantasy paintings called Magic Realism by Canadian painter Robert Gonsalves. I think they just give me goosebumps, something like what I felt the first time I watched Peter Pan flying through the clouds with Wendy & the Gang a long time ago. Enjoy.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Born To Fight: Thai Kampung Action Film

Please excuse me but I'm still in the Tony Jaa mood. I know this movie came out quiet a long time ago but I've just got to share it with you.
Being deprived all this while, I've just got the opportunity to watch it recently. I thought that it was quite a refreshing action film, done in a way quite peculiar to Thailand.

I mean in most Hollywood action blockbusters, you'd find the usual formulaic fight scenes, with guns, bad guys who wants to annihilate the world with nuclear weapons, & everything ends with a huge explosion.

Well, this little film had all of the above. But they did it in a very Thai way.

It's a story about a group of national atheletes (a national Tae Kwon Do exponent, national soccer player & 2 national gymnasts) who makes a trip with a charitable body to a far away village to distribute donations & stuff.

Hootlienkang suddenly out of nowhere, a terrorist group appears & holds the entire village hostage, killing a lot of them mercillesly in the process. When push comes to shove, the villagers decided to fight back. This is when all hell breaks lose. Kettle pots & fruits will fly.

I found this movie cute actually, cos what they were trying to do was to do an action movie set in a kampung.

The bad guys were really mean. One of them rode on a motorbike fom hell.

And he liked making circles in the dirt.

And his irrational behaviour scared all the villagers away.

When the terrorists attacked, the gymnast was quick to act.

Being a national sportsman, he quickly went down to it.

Eat this Mr. Terrorist! Huuuu!!!

Oh no! Please! Not THAT in my face again!

This gymnast guy was so hero that in the end, he even had time to save a baby...

... in a sarong with a back flip.

The baby must have had the time of his life. Either that, or more likely, pissing scared like crazy.

The female gymnast also did what she knew best.

She gymnasted her way out of danger.

And she kicked some serious terrorist butt, err, back.

In all solemnity, the US government should consider sending these Thai national gymnasts to battle the Al-qaeda in Afghanistan.

These atheletes really make Karate Kid look like a sissy boy.

Their moves even make the 80s Gymkata movie sucky in comparison.

Forget about Thai Kick Boxing, I think after this scene, half the kids in Thailand now wants to do gymnastics.

If you thought those gymnastic moves were spectacular, wait till you see the soccer guy.

He was really putting his foot to good public service. He kicked everything in sight, except for the chickens.

This guy doesn't know it yet, but he's getting a very big bak pao.

He kicked a kettle filled with hot boiling water.

Then he kicked some takraw balls.

Another guy got bak pao-ed.

And then he decided to try something new. He kicked some fruits.

Man, that felt like some heavy duty bak pao. Can die ah.

Please seriously consider what his balls can do. He can even do a screwball.

No matter where you hide, his balls will find you.

Oh, back to the terrorists. They were really mean dudes.

They even terrorised little innocent children.

But this little girl ain't taking no sh*t from nobody.

This Muay Thai girl is a fiesty one & she strikes.

What? So no manners! Who taught you to hit uncle?! I spit on the ground!

I will throw you like a rock & you will break like a melon.

But then big sis came to the rescue, kicking the bad man's head like a rag doll.

Yeah, this is what I liked about this movie. They pull no punches. When a bak pao hits you, it really hits you hard, & you can see it.

And finally the little Thai girl did a leaping knee thrust.

This little sister is one hot & sour little Tom Yam.

Which brings us to the moral of the story. Never underestimate Thai girls. They can be very sawadeekap most of the time, but when necessary, they can become real Thai chili sauce.