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Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Bill Gates: The Makings of a Great Nerd

You must have heard the news by now. Bill Gates has officially retired from Microsoft.

For those who have yet to experience what a computer is, Bill gates is one of the most powerful, successful, richest & nerdiest person alive.

He stands as the epitome of all nerdiness. He has single-handedly revolutionarise not only the PC industry, but more importantly, the image & stature of the nerds.

Most nerds never really had it easy. Despite their genuises, most of them are social outcasts & they find difficulty fitting into society.

But then one day, this sexy dude came along, & all hell broke loose.

The word sexy has always been beyond six degrees of separation with the word nerd. The last thing you'd ever thought of when you hear nerd is sexy. They just don't go well together. It defies all possible human logic.

Depending on how you look at it, traditionally, Lots of money/success/power/fame = Sexy. So you see, the word nerd is never in the equation.

But Bill Gates changed all that. He brought these two words close to two degrees of separation. Nerd = Computers = Lots of money/success/power/fame = Sexy

Goodbye Bill Gates. We shall miss you. We will always remember that because of you, the nerds are sexy today.

Watch the Microsoft farewell video. See Bill workout with Matthew McConaughey & raps with JayZ.

Watch also this funny little David Letterman farewell spoof clip.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

STOPzilla Sucks

My laptop has been slowing down lately. Not only that, wierd things have been happening. The bootup took longer than my grandmother, my Internet Explorer has been crashing on me and my internet connection has been going haywire. I don't think it had anything to do with the recent fuel price hike.

A friend suggested that I might have been infected by a spyware, & the best solution at that point was to download a free anti-spyware freeware which won't cost me a single cent. Of course this sounded like THE best solution, cos, who buys original software in South East Asia anyway? If you tell your friends that you're using 100% original softwares at home, Bill Gates would really love you, but you won't have friends anymore.

Finding the right anti-spyware freeware that is really FREE is not that easy. There's dozens of them out there. I didn't really know which one to pick, so I downloaded STOPzilla since I thought that if I wanted to stomp those spywares silly, it'd take a big bad Godzilla to do it.

Godzilla with his breath of death ray.

Now, at this point, please do not go rushing in to download this software just yet.

There's no doubt that it could find all the possible threats which were on my laptop.

But the problem became apparent when I tried to remove those infections.

Godzilla suddenly became money-faced, reality sets in, & I am reminded again of the fact that nothing in life is for free.

So I got rid of STOPzilla & downloaded SUPER AntiSpyware instead.

It could also do what STOPzilla could do.

But the moment of truth came when I clicked the OK button.

There was no pop-up asking me for money. It was actually free.

I had about 76 potentially harmful stuff on my laptop. Some of them were ordinary cookies lah, but some of them were Trojan. And now they're pulverised!

Well, as for my problems with the internet connection, it's still as screwed up as ever.

And my internet explorer is still crashing.

But I will leave that adventure for another day. For now, I am completely spyware free, I hope.