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Saturday, August 2, 2008

Subtitles in London: Updated

Whenever I'm in a foreign land, I'd always find it interesting to check out what's on their TV. You'd always never now what ya gonna git.

This is British TV & they call it teley.

British teley is wierd. I think almost 80% of their programmes are either American or Australian shows. Take this for instance, it's an Australian series called Neighbours. For those not in the now, it's where superstar Kylie started her career.

And also Jason Donovan.

And also Guy Pierce.

And also Natalie Imbruglia, believe it or not.

And also Mr. Gladiator himself, Russell Crowe.

But that's besides the point.

Whenever programmes like this is on, there's always an auntie in red at the bottom of the screen.

Now, this may not be so peculiar to us as we've also got the same thing on Malaysian TV news.

I guess the sign language auntie comes in handy for the hearing impaired viewers, and that is a good thing for a news programme. But I think for a TV drama series, it's just a bit too wierd.

Especially when the auntie keeps turning around when none of the actors are talking. It's like us watching someone watching the movie that we're watching. Comprende?

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

London in Summer

I've always heard of the expression The City That Never Sleeps, and I could imagine that a place like New York would be a good example.

Or Hong Kong. When I was there, the buses & trains were still running at 12 midnite, & people were still walking on the streets, looking for food cos the restaurants were still open.

Gosh, the restaurant people & the bus drivers really worked long hours. I think Hong Kong should be called The City That Never Stops Working.

Well, here's another story. I was in London about two weeks ago, and I learned that in summer, the days are much longer than the nights.

Now, I was happy with that cos when the sun was up for a longer period of time, it meant more opportunities to stay out longer & go more places, sort of squeezing more value out of the English Sterling heheheh.

Now, I know that might make me sound like a typical kiasu Malaysian, but hey, just for your information, £1 is equivalent to RM6.50 bloody Malaysian lousy Rinngit okay. Whether you like it or not, you've got to squeeze every last drop out of it.

Anyway, back to the topic, I was staring out of my hotel window. Although jet lagged, I stayed up for a bit to watch how long it took the sun to set. It was like a staring match, one trying to outlast the other.

This was at 8pm. Imagine if you're getting ready to knock off from work after a long day at the office, & your boss looks out the window & says, 'it's a bit early don't you think?'

That would suck man. It would suck big time working in London in summer.

And this was at about 9.00pm.
My stomach told me that it was time to eat 2 hours ago. I only began to believe it now cos the prolonged daylight was playing tricks on my eyes.

And it only finally starrrrrted to get dark at around 10pm.

I think now London should be called The City with the Screwed Up Time in Summer.