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Saturday, August 30, 2008

Money No Enough 2

This is not a Hokkien Karaoke Video review. Just so that you know, Ah Beng's World has certain standards to upkeep ok.

Money No Enough 2 is the sequel to Jack Neo's biggest Singaporean breakout hit of the same name 10 years ago. It created waves not only in Singapore, but also in neighbouring Malaysia as well. A large part of its success was its ability to deal with issues that were real & close to the normal people in a humourous & often at times, ridiculous ways.

How timely. 10 years later, in one full economic cycle, it has returned. Although this sequel may not be as fresh as the first one, it should still be interesting to watch as the issues are very relevant to today's economic downturn.

I thought this promotional public announcement 'trailer' was interesting.

Go watch it & tell me how it is. Playing now in theatres across the country.

Friday, August 29, 2008

Money Money Come Come!

I received a letter the other day. It was a very plain white envelope with nothing interesting on it.
I ripped it open thinking that it was just another one of those bank or cedit card statements which usually translate into more bills to pay.

Anyway, I was glad I didn't chuck it into the trash bin without looking first. Cos what I saw made me smile until my teeth dropped out.

Ngaitee, It was my second cheque from Nuffnang. Money Come! Money Money Come Come! Yeah Baby!

Sorry for that animal behaviour. I couldn't control myself. Don't worry, in normal circumstances, I don't act that way.

Very seldomly, I only do that money chant in 3 types of situations:
1) when I'm checking the lottery numbers
2) when it's the end of the month
3) when I get a cheque from Nuffnang

Nuffnang has made me a very happy blogger this time.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The Ice Cream from Kuching

Last night, someone brought me a 'tub' of this.

Do not be misled by the ordinary out-of-date eco-unfriendly styrofoam container. I know the sight of it will probably make any Greenpeace activist burn themselves to death in protest, but this is Kuching after all, & certain things are still done the old school way.

What's in the 'tub' my friend, is not your everyday run-of-the-mill Walls or Nestle ice cream. This is the super Sunny Hill Ice Cream. A legend born in Kuching.

Everyone in Kuching grew up with this. If your dad never bought you any, then that's child abuse & discrimination. For this is more than just ice cream. This is the culture of Kuching. This is tradition.
Yerrdayy. Maybe I went overboard a bit there.
But the fact of the matter is that this very thing is what all Kuching boys & girls grew up with, healthy & strong. I mean, just look at Kenny Sia.

I'm sure he had zillion tubs of this when he was growing up. What a healthy & handsome looking boy. All ripe & ready for marriage.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

An Artsy Outing

I think studying art is one of the coolest thing in the world. I know teaching it, is. Recently I brought my design foundation students out for a sketching trip. We didn't go far since it was their first experience out of the classroom. You'd have to let them take baby steps first you know. This is what they look like.
These were really new students, as fresh as freshies can get. If you think the prawns are fresh at Choice Daily, well, these just came out of the water.

These kids never did art before when they were in school & this was their very first time. It was pretty tough for me & for them as well cos as with all beginners, most of them lacked guidance & encouragement when they were younger & sort of gave up back then. So they sort of got stuck at the baby scribble level.

But hey, these students were really there & keen to learn... I hope. I also hope they realise how cool their class is.

I mean , how cool can you get with a class held at tHe Spring? And I'm not even talking about the air conditioning in there.

Look at that - my students hard at work. Don't they just look like Japanese anime characters?

Sketching real life people were different from sketching still models in the classrooms. Real people move & they don't pose for you. So you've got to be faster than the wind, faster than the shutter speed.

Art is hardwork. To achieve a certain level of skill, you'd need commitment, discipline & perserverance. They look so innocent. I really hope they know what they're getting themselves into.